Where do I upload my waivers?

We just posted the waivers this morning and it appears that some parents are anxious to complete and upload their waivers to ePACT immediately. This is GREAT, except that you can NOT upload to ePACT until you receive a special invitation to the SOAR 2020 ePACT account.

Here is a screenshot showing the header of the SOAR 2020 Guide/Pathfinder account system (highlight added for emphasis). The Ranger system is similar, but with the word “Rangers” in brackets at the end.

This is NOT the same account that you use for your daughter’s regular unit activities. The SOAR version of ePACT has a designated place to upload waivers. The waivers must be uploaded into the SOAR shared file upload section of ePACT.

Once on this page, you will scroll down through the page to find individual boxes to upload the waivers to:

Invitations to the SOAR 2020 ePACT account will be sent out this coming week. In the meantime, save those completed waivers to your hard drive, and you’ll be all ready to upload them when your invitation comes in – in just a couple of days!