Where are the Waivers?

Update April 27:

The waivers are now ready in ePACT.

Guiders, girls and parents have been reading the Program Options booklets. They’ve noticed that some activities need waivers. That’s great – you’ve noticed! But where ARE the waivers??? This post is to help you to “demystify waivers”.

Every SOAR 2017 participant received an email from ePACT on January 15. We are using ePACT to digitally collect our medical and waiver information, reducing the thousands of pieces of paperwork that we’ve had to manage at previous SOARs.

Our third party service providers will not accept “digital signatures” – which basically means that parents can not simply click a check box to say “yes, I agree”. As a result, every third party service provider waiver must be printed, manually signed, scanned and uploaded back into ePACT. Every waiver must be uploaded as a separate, independent file. On site, we will print the signed waivers only for the girls who are selected to participate in these activities and pass the signed waivers along to the third party service providers.

But what if I don’t own a scanner??

If you don’t own a scanner or have access to a photocopier that can scan a document and email you a pdf file, you can “scan” your waivers with a smart phone or tablet. Don’t just take a photo and upload a photo to ePACT – it must be “scanned” – so you will need an app to do that with.

iPhone or iPad Scanning App

There are several scanning apps available for the iPhone or iPad. One suggestion is Scannable by Evernote. Or search Google for other app suggestions.

Android Scanning App

There are also several scanning apps available for Android. If you use Google Drivethere’s a scanning feature built right in to the app! Just click on the + in the app to add new, and there’s an option to scan. Another popular app option is CamScanner.  Or search Google for other app suggestions.

The process of printing, signing, scanning and uploaded will also be explained within the ePACT system.