Waivers and ePACT

An email was just sent to all BC Patrol Guiders (via Mailchimp) with a February 2020 update. Patrols from outside of BC will receive a separate email from our Interprovincial/International Director.


We now have the waivers ready to go on our website.  Patrol Guiders can forward the link to the waivers (found under “Patrol Info” on our website) to parents so they can download and sign the forms. These forms need to be uploaded to ePACT BY PARENTS by February 29.

Please read all waiver instructions carefully – most of our waivers can be signed electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader’s Fill & Sign tool. Please note that some waivers require witnesses – a witness can not be related to the person signing the form, and must be an adult. Maybe one of the patrol Guiders could witness forms for her patrol?


We’ve received many questions asking when ePACT invitations will be sent out. There were MANY patrol changes in the final week leading up to yesterday’s first patrol fee deadline. Hopefully patrols are now finalized, as after we send our list of participants to ePACT, every patrol modification requires an increased amount of administrative work on our end. We are now compiling the list of participants and email addresses for ePACT, using the email addresses you supplied when registering your patrol. Invitations to ePACT will be distributed in the coming week.