Waiver Woes

The majority of waivers have been printed, signed, scanned (or photographed) and uploaded to ePACT. We salute all parents who managed to navigate this system so that we can tame the amount of paper that we would otherwise need to transport to Smithers with us, and store on site during camp. By uploading to ePACT you have made it MUCH easier to find YOUR girl’s waiver when we need it – rather than having to search through18,000 sheets of paper for just the ONE that we need!

Waiver Review in Progress

Although we congratulate you on the success of uploading the waivers, we are now starting the COLOSSAL task of reviewing each and every waiver in the system to ensure they have been filled out correctly. And since starting this task, we have discovered that many of the waivers have been filled in incorrectly. This means we can not use many of the waivers as uploaded. They need to be redone if girls are to participate in the waiver activities.

Many Waivers Must be Resubmitted

Deadline: June 15. All program will be finalized after this date. Correct waivers MUST be in the system by June 15.

We know this means more time on your part. We have a VOLUNTEER job of epic proportions to make sure that only girls with correct waivers are put into the waiver activities. To make this job “easier” for you, we have created templates for all of the waivers to show exactly what is required on each one. Parents must check every waiver they have uploaded to the system to ensure that what they have uploaded matches our templates. If they do not match, the waivers need to be resubmitted.

Reminder: we have a tutorial that shows how to upload the waivers.

Waiver Templates – Correct Format

Clarification about participant signatures: for all participant signature locations we have “May leave blank“. The reason for this is that anyone under 19 can not be held legally responsible, thus their signature on the form is unnecessary. If your under-19  child has signed the form, THAT’S OK… just not necessary. If the only difference between your submitted form and our sample is that your child signed the participant line, then you do not need to re-submit.

108 Horseback Riding

This waiver is only for Pathfinders and Rangers. If your child was born in 2005 or 2006 you do not need to complete this waiver.

This is a two page waiver. Please ensure you upload both pages (preferably AS ONE DOCUMENT) into ePACT. This means it will be a 2 page pdf (or 2 jpg files).

109 Marial Arts

This waiver is for GuidesPathfinders and Rangers.

110 Riflery

This waiver is forGuidesPathfinders and Rangers.

111 Skateboarding

This waiver is only for Pathfinders and Rangers. If your child was born in 2005 or 2006 you do not need to complete this waiver.

114 Wall Climbing

This waiver is forGuidesPathfinders and Rangers

302 Medieval “Fields of Gold” Day Trip

This waiver is for Guides and Pathfinders only. NOT for Rangers.

804 Paddleboard

This waiver is for Guides and Pathfinders only. NOT for Rangers.

808 Rafting

This Guides and Pathfinders activity has been cancelled – you do not need to fill in the 808 Rafting waiver.

904 Horseback Riding Out Trip

This waiver is for Rangers only.

905 Rafting Out Trip

This waiver is for Rangers only.

906 Fishing/Archery/Riflery Out Trip

This waiver is for Rangers only. It is the same as the 110 Riflery waiver. And, yes, for Rangers it needs to be uploaded twice.

908 Canoeing Out Trip

This waiver is for Rangers only.