Waiver Download & Upload Tutorial

We have received several questions asking how to access and upload the waiver files. Following is a step by step procedure.

1. Log in to ePACT

Go to the ePACT website at https://epactnetwork.com.

Click “Log in” at the top right corner.

Enter the Email and password that you used to register on the account. If you can’t remember your password, you can use the Forgot password? link.

2. Connect to Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR

After you log in, you will connect to your main ePACT page, which shows all the people in your household. Here we have the parent/guardian (Julie) and her dependent (Girl) as members of the household.

Click on your dependent’s name (here, we have clicked on “Girl”)

A window pops up showing Girl’s organizations and her emergency contact(s). Click on the words “Girl Guides of Canada”

3. Locate the Waivers

Your dependent’s profile page will come up, showing what you have shared with Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR. You can see on this page that Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR is the second tab after “Personal Profile”. You’re already on the right page here. Contact info and Medical info are showing.

Scroll down on the page. You need to go about 3/4 of the way down to page until you find “Shared Files”. These are the waivers!!! You’ve found them.  Yahoo!!

Click on the Edit button at the top right of the shared files section.

4. Download the Waivers

After you click the Edit button, you find the page to download and upload the waivers. The first waiver you see is for 108 Horseback Riding.

In the Horseback Riding section, you can download all of the waivers at once. This is the easiest way to get all of the waivers on to your computer. Depending on your browser settings, when you click on “click here to download all of the waivers in one document” it will either load the waivers into your browser or prompt you for a folder to save the file into. My browser is set to automatically load pdf files within the browser:

If your computer loads in the browser like mine does, you can print the file from inside your browser. Just click on the printer icon (mine is in the top right corner).

If you  would rather download the waivers to your computer, you can right click on “click here to download...” link and then save the file (my browser shows “Save Link As…”) and choose a folder on your computer to save to.

If you choose to save the file to your computer, you will need to find it on your computer, open it (with Adobe Acrobat) and print the waivers.

5. Upload the Waivers back to ePACT

After you have printed and signed the waivers, you will need to scan each waiver into an individual file. I suggest that you scan each file with the name and number of the activity – for example: 108 Horseback Riding.pdf.

When you are ready to upload, click on the “Browse Files” button and choose the correct file from your computer to upload for each section.

If you accidentally upload the wrong file (as I did here) – no problem! Just click the red Delete link and confirm you want to delete the file…


Try again… make sure to upload the correct file for each activity.

Success! I now have the correct pdf file uploaded for 108 Horseback Riding. Repeat uploading for all of the remaining activities.

6. Save!!!!!

When you have uploaded ALL of the waivers, scroll to the very bottom of the screen.

Click on the “Save” button.

7. Confirm that All of the Waivers have Saved

You’re now back at the page that you were on at the beginning of step 3.

Scroll back down to the shared files section to confirm that all of your waivers have now been shared with SOAR.

I can see that my Horseback Riding waiver is in there, but I missed the Martial Arts waiver! No problem, just click on the Edit button, and follow steps 5 and 6 again.

8. Celebrate

When you have successfully uploaded and shared your waivers, take a moment to celebrate your success.