Waiver FAQ

We have received several questions about the waivers. Hopefully this FAQ will help answer your questions.

Q:  Should we put the date of participation on any waivers?

A:  No.  We will fill in the appropriate date (one of July 24 to 28), based on the date the girl is doing that program activity.  The only date you need to put on the waivers is the date you are signing them.

Q: Do the forms need to be witnessed?

A:  Yes, if there is a witness line that is not specified to be by the service provider

Q: Who can witness my signature?

A:  Anyone who is the legal age of majority (19 in BC).

Q:  For Activity 108, Horseback riding, do we fill in the number of riders, hours, trail, etc?

A:  No.  The Horseback Guide on that  ride will fill in that section.

Q:  I’m trying to download/upload the waivers with my Android device and it’s not working.

A:  Android devices will not work.

Q:  Waiver for Activity 904 – Ranger Outtrip, Horseback Riding, doesn’t have the company listed in the first blank lines.  What do we put there?

A:  Please put “Back Country Horsemen of BC” (or leave it blank and we will put it there)

Q:  I’m having problems uploading waivers.  Who do I contact?

A:  Please contact ePACT, they will be able to help you:  am@epactnetwork.com

Q:  I didn’t receive an email asking me to add waivers. What do I do?

A:  As you already have an ePACT account from when you completed the original health and safety information, you don’t need to receive the reminder email from us. Just log back in to ePACT https://epactnetwork.com/en/login and you will be able to download the waivers from within the system.

Q:  Can I scan all of my waivers into one file and upload them all at once?

A:  We will be accessing each waiver individually, and printing only the waivers we need for each girl just before they go to their assigned activity. As such, we need each waiver as an individual file, not as a multi-waiver file. Please scan each waiver separately and upload each as a separate document.

Q:  Can I digitally sign the waivers?

A:  No. You MUST print, sign (by hand, with a pen or pencil!), scan, and upload. Digital signatures are not accepted.