Waiver Alert! The Waivers are Ready!

Finally, the waivers are ready for parents to download, print, sign, scan and upload to ePACT.  Please see “Where are the Waivers?” for instructions on how to scan the waivers (for those who don’t have access to a scanner).

For every waiver activity that a parent marked “yes” to when originally filling in ePACT, they will need to complete the associated waiver. If they do not complete the waiver for those activities, then their daughter/ward will be removed from any waiver activities that she may have been assigned to.

All contact guardians of participants have been sent an email from ePACT with instructions to complete the waivers.

The following information was sent with the email from ePACT:

The third party waivers are now available in ePACT! Please sign and upload these waivers as soon as possible. Because your daughter’s/ward’s assigned program can change (sometimes right up until the day of the activity), you will need to authorize all of the activities you would like her to be considered for. She will not be able to participate in activities without a signed waiver.

You will need a printer, and scanner or mobile phone to complete the process. Please follow these steps (it should take about 15 minutes):

  1. Download the waivers individually, or all at once. (see link in email)
  2. Print and sign all of the waivers for the activities your daughter/ward is allowed to do
  3. Scan or take a photo of each individual waiver – keep them separate for the next step! (i.e. don’t scan all waivers into one file).
  4. Log into your ePACT account.
  5. Verify that the information is still up to date through steps 1-8 and click the continue button at the bottom of each step.
  6. On Step 9 – Shared Files, use the Browse Files button to upload each type of waiver to its corresponding section.
  7. Click continue on the next two steps.
  8. Click the orange share button at the bottom of Step 11.

If your daughter/ward does not have permission to participate in specific activities that require a waiver, please do not upload any file to the corresponding section in Step 9