Unreliable Program Confirmation Emails

When Guiders enter program for their girls, they expect to receive a confirmation email. And most of the time they do. However, sometimes, for unknown reasons, these emails don’t come through. Our web hosting company has no explanation for us as to why most emails go through, but not all.

How to check if the program selections have been saved:

Please do not email the registrar to ask her to check the database for you. This is very time consuming. To check if the program entry has been saved, simply click on the link in the email invitation again. If you see this screen:

then your program entry has been saved in the database. Please only contact the registrar about this issue if you want to update something in the application (i.e. if you accidentally entered the wrong t-shirt size).

We’re sorry that the system gets clogged up and the confirmation emails don’t always go through. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control.