Theme and Mascot

The SOAR Steering Committee met yesterday and had a VERY productive day! Along with the regular business, we settled on the theme, subcamp and department names, and even the mascot, for SOAR 2017!

SOAR 2017: Spirit of the Mountains. Now accepting Patrol Guider and Core Staff applications. #soarbc #girlguidesofcanada #girlguides #camping #mountains

Smithers is surrounded by majestic and awe-inspiring mountains (including the one in our Facebook cover photo – Hudson Bay Mountain). So after much discussion, we decided on the theme: “Spirit of the Mountains“. Subcamp and department names will follow this theme.

12328400_506677669540962_1512640267_nThere are many native mammals in this area of the Province, but after looking at our options, chose the incredibly cute Red Fox as the mascot.

Core Staff and Patrol Guider applications are now open! Apply to join us for Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2017 in Smithers!