Swim Test Deadline Extension – March 15

There are still many patrols without swim tests recorded in iMIS. We have received a number of emails from Guiders with excuses explanations as to why the tests aren’t in there yet.

Please don’t email us to explain why the forms haven’t been entered into iMIS. We are giving you a one time only, firm deadline of March 15 to have your swim test results entered into iMIS. Any participant that does not have their swim test entered into iMIS by March 15 will be assigned to  Beach Break for their water activity. Rangers without a swim test in iMIS will not be assigned to out trips that need a swim test.

Forms required to be submitted to iMIS are one of the following:

WA.2 – Swim and boating test verification for individuals WA.2 (pdf file) or WA.2 (doc file)

WA.3 – Swim and boating test verification for groups WA.3 (pdf file) or WA.3 (doc file)