Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2014


Patrol applications have now closed, and all patrols have been notified of their Subcamp name and number

If your patrol has been accepted and one of the Guiders is no longer able to attend, contact soar@bc-girlguides.org.  We’ll send you a replacement guider application.  The last date for substitutions is June 15, 2014.


Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous (SOAR) is a BC Guiding event held in British Columbia on a three year cycle. It is a large camp with up to 2500 participants. Since 1995 SOAR has been held in a different location in the Province. It is a back to basics camp where patrols camp in tents, cook their own meals and mix with girls from around the Province, the Country and around the world while enjoying and participating in a variety of activities.

WHERE: Riverside Park, Enderby, BC

WHEN: July 19 to 26, 2014

WHO: Patrols of 8 girls and 2 Guiders, Guides, Pathfinders or Rangers. Girls must be born in 1996 to 2003.

ACTIVITIES: Guides and Pathfinders will have their choice of activities from each of seven program areas as well as a full day on a designated out trip exploring local highlights. Program areas include active living, crafts, environment, science, service, waterfront and fine arts.  These activities will take place both on and off the SOAR 2014 site. In the evenings there will be all-camp activities including International/Interprovincial night, and Campfire.

Rangers will participate in a 2 1/2 day out trip which may include activities such as backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, bus touring.

Girls will have the opportunity to make their program choices, starting in January 2014.

TRANSPORTATION: All patrols will travel to and from camp on buses that have been organized by their Guiding area.

COST: Check with your daughter’s guider to find out the cost for camp fee, transportation and other expenses. Selling extra Girl Guide Cookies is an excellent way to fund raise part of the expenses.  Ask your guider to order you extra cases of cookies.


Information for Patrol Guiders

So, you have received the “congratulations”! email from the Co-Responsible Guiders.  What’s next?


What do you mean I can’t just show up?


PLANNING makes all the difference to the success of an activity or event.  So just as you spend time planning a meeting or an activity you need to spend time planning and getting prepared for the best experience you and the girls are going to have!  This timeline will help you and your girls be prepared.


  • Program choices will be sent to you.  Plan a meeting with your patrol to go through the Program selections and send them in by the deadline. (All choices will be made online)
  • You will also receive the SOAR 2014 information booklet that will provide general information about SOAR 2014.
  • Book two, two day camping weekends to practice your camping skills, your Area should be planning at least one of these.  Check with your Area Liaison for the  dates.
  • Order Girl Guide cookies for fund raising for your travel, and  camp fees.
  • If you have not heard from your Area Liaison, check with your Area Commissioner or Camp Adviser to find out who your Area SOAR Liaison is.  She will be responsible for booking buses and cube vans for transporting patrols and equipment.
  • International and Interprovincial patrols contact the International/Interprovincial director for transportation coordination
  • January 31 – BC Patrols: Deposit of $1200.00 due (Ranger ½ patrols pay ½), BC Patrols -BC Patrols –  payment to your Area.
  • Call a parents meeting – provide them with information such as fees, dates of payments, and begin your plans for fundraising and travel


  • Register your girls with program choices by March 1, 2014.
  • Practice your Camp Skills.  Learn how to Storm Lash as there are strong winds in this area.
  • Gather your patrol equipment.
  • Mar 15 – BC Patrols:  $1200.00 due (Ranger ½ patrols pay ½) payment to your Area.
  • Practice camp – Pack the items that are on your personal kit list.  Be sure that everyone has the  right size packs so that they can carry their personal equipment, sleeping bag and mat for about 1 km.  No plastic bags, or luggage please. Try carrying a day pack on the front, and a backpack on your back.
  • All forms must be submitted by your Area Liaison.


  • Plan a cookie blitz to sell your cookies.
  • May 1 – final payment due $1200.00 for BC Patrols (Ranger ½ patrols pay ½) payment to your Area.
  • Practice Camp – in your campsite, mark off space approximately 25ft x 25ft.  Live in this space with all your patrol equipment for the weekend.  Learn how to best utilize this space, and make any adjustments in equipment to be sure that you will be comfortable camping for 1 week in all types of weather.  Storm lashing and SHORT pegs will be a must for SOAR 2014. (be cautious of underground sprinkler pipes!)


  • You have done your fund raising and practiced your camping. Finalize your travel plans, and soon you will be on your way!  All participants must arrive by bus with gear in a separate vehicle.  Check with your Area as they will be making the arrangements.  International and Interprovincial patrols will be assisted by the team looking after your needs – talk to them about getting to the camp and your camping equipment that you can’t bring with you.


more helpful hints:


Everyone attending SOAR 2014 in Enderby needs to have a minimum experience of four nights tenting.  These don’t need to be consecutive nights, so plan a couple of weekend trips with your unit to be sure everyone is ready for the experience. Your Area SOAR Liaison may also be planning an Area Camp to help you practice your skills.  


If you don’t currently have camping equipment and need to purchase or borrow, here are some helpful tips:



Each campsite has very limited space (could be as small as 25 X 25’).  Tents with square or rectangular bottoms, will fit the space – and the girls – better than hexagon or other shapes.  The fly should completely cover the tent, all the way to the ground.  Waterproof it – even if newly purchased, and you shouldn’t need to tarp it at camp.  If the weather is dry and hot, the fly can always be removed, but be prepared for rain, too!


Groundsheets under the tent protect the tent and keep the floor dry.  Groundsheets inside the tent will keep you and your gear dry. 



You won’t have spare table space at camp for your stove, so think about purchasing a free-standing stove, or a collapsible stand at the very least.  Check that at least two pots will fit on the stove at the same time.  20-pound propane tanks will be available at camp.



Pop-up shelters are very popular at SOAR, for both sun and rain protection.  Be sure the one you bring has strong supporting poles and a waterproofed, strong fabric cover.  Be sure you and your girls have practiced storm-lashing your tents and your shelter (you may need to negotiate space with adjacent sites for this).  Anyone who attended SOAR in Merritt will remember the wind storm that literally blew the campsites away.  Good tarp poles and large tarps, properly erected, will protect you as well as a pop-up shelter; maybe better if the shelter isn’t well made.


Mattresses/Camp Cots

There is a lot of talk about camp cots versus self-inflating or camper-inflated mats.   When thinking about what you will bring, you need to consider the fact that all of your gear must be carried by you, from where the transport vans are unloaded, to the campsite.  There is limited space in the transport vans, and there will be limited space in the tents (particularly for the girls, where there will be four girls per tent). 


Electronic gadgets

Anyone bringing electronics to camp, do so at their own risk.  Our Event & Emergency Management team are there to look after the safety of the campers – not the safety of your personal belongings, and SOAR does not insure your personal belongings from loss.  If you do choose to bring items that need charging, you will also need to bring solar chargers.  Power will not be readily available for charging personal electronics. 


Not attending SOAR but want to visit?  Tour day will be Wednesday July 23rd.  This will be a great opportunity to bring your family and see what a large camp (more than 2000 participants!)  looks like!



  See you at SOAR 2014!


Questions? send us an email!