Your SOAR Patrol Roster

Every patrol has now been sent a roster listing all girls and Guiders assigned to your patrol.  Please carefully review the roster to ensure it includes everyone (Guiders and girls) who are supposed to be registered for your patrol. If there are any changes to this roster, please contact our registrar (Julie) immediately with changes.

We need to have accurate rosters to ensure that:

  1. We’re expecting you to come to SOAR!
  2. We’ve ordered you a t-shirt and hat.
  3. We’ve got program organized for each girl.
  4. We’ve got job assignments for each Guider.
  5. You’re on our transportation list.

Please note – the spelling of names and current unit are set by iMIS – if you find an inconsistency with a name or unit assignment, you will need to contact your iMIS support person.

You have until June 15 to add (if your patrol is not full) or replace girls in your patrol. If you make changes to your patrol, please request a new roster.

If your roster is correct as is, please SAVE THE ROSTER FILE. You will need to PRINT the roster to bring for check-in on site. When you arrive on site, ONE of your patrol Guiders will hand in your roster at the check-in table to account for every person in your patrol who has arrived on site and will be participating in SOAR.