SOAR 2020 – Reminder to Register your Patrol by Dec 20

A reminder has been emailed to Responsible Patrol Guiders of patrols who have not yet registered their girls using our online system. The email will be similar to the one we posted about in November: SOAR 2020 – Demystifying the Patrol Registration Email.

When you are ready to register your patrol, this is how to use the system: SOAR 2020 – Registering Your Patrol.

Please note: if we have patrols withdraw, your patrol site MAY change.

I’ve been posting status updates on Facebook. For those of you who don’t use Facebook, here is the current registration status of the SOAR 2020 patrols (as of Dec 14 at noon). Note that “darker” colours mean the patrol is fully registered (8 girls for full patrols, 4 for half patrols). The lighter colours mean that patrol still has spaces to fill before it is full.