SOAR 2020 – Registering Your Patrol

So you’re ready to register the girls in your patrol! For each girl, you have:

  1. iMIS number (if you are an international patrol, leave this blank and we will assign each girl an iMIS number for future use).
  2. First and Last name.
  3. Birth date. Note that girls attending SOAR must be born between 2002 and 2009. Girls born before 2002 may apply as Core staff. Girls born after 2009 must wait until the next SOAR.
  4. Family email address – this must be an address that the family/guardian checks regularly, as all communication is via email.

And you click on the link in your Patrol Registration email… here is what will happen:

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen identifies your sub camp and gives some basic information.

Welcome screen

Guider Information Screen

This screen is pre-filled with the Responsible Guider’s name and email address. If someone other than the Responsible Patrol Guider is completing the registration form, please update this information to indicate who is filling the form in. Sometimes we need to contact the person who filled in the form for clarification.

Guider Information

Patrol Information Screen

This screen identifies your patrol site (please note, this is your preliminary patrol site and may change), and asks you to select your patrol type – if you have a patrol of JUST Rangers, choose Rangers. Otherwise choose Guides and/or Pathfinders (even if you have one or two Rangers in your patrol).

Ranger patrols are given the option to register a half patrol – if registering a half patrol, you will have an “A” or “B” after your patrol site number.

If you are registering all of the girls in your patrol (YAY!!), then choose “Yes” to “Are you registering the required number of girls for your patrol?” If you are registering less than the full patrol, choose “No” and enter the number of girls you are registering at this time.

Girl Details Screens

For each girl you are registering, you will be presented with a new screen. Please enter each girl’s iMIS number (this needs to be accurate!), First name, Last name, birth date (the selection boxes are limited to allowed age range for SOAR 2020), and family email address. The email address must be entered twice to help ensure that there are no errors when it is entered. It is extremely important that the email address is correct, and that the family regularly checks this address, as we will be using it to connect them with ePACT.

If you are an international patrol, leave the iMIS number blank. We will create new entries in iMIS for the international girls, and each international girl will be assigned an iMIS number.

Confirmation Screen

The final screen summarizes all of the data that you have entered in the form. Please read through the information carefully to ensure you have not made any errors. You can click back through the registration pages to correct any errors before submitting.

At the bottom of the page, before you click “Submit”, you must check the box next to “Ready to submit!” By checking this box you are verifying that information above is correct. After checking the box, click “Submit”.

Check your email after clicking Submit – you should receive a confirmation that your registration has been received.