SOAR 2020 Program Selection

By now, all patrol responsible Guiders have received an email with a list of registration links for the girls in your patrol.   If you have not received a list of links, please first check your junk mail, then (if you use gmail) check your ‘promotions’ section, then, if you still can’t find it, email admin[at]

Following is the procedure for program selection.

  1. Distribute the program options books to the girls in your patrol. It is the responsibility of the Responsible Patrol Guider to ensure that the girls in her patrol receive the patrol options booklets, either as a digital pdf file, or a paper copy – how you distribute it is your choice. Important note: even with 7 of us reviewing these booklets, sometimes we miss tiny details – and we did miss (at least) one detail – there was an error on the Guide/Pathfinder selection sheet where a “P” (for “Pathfinder only”) was misplaced next to an incorrect item in the water activities section. This has been fixed – if you have Guides, please check that your girls are using the selection sheet with version 1.1 (or later) shown at the bottom.
  2. The girls in your patrol will fill in the selection sheet, ranking their top 5 choices in each category and return that sheet to you no later than Jan 24. If they return it earlier, that’s great! But no later than Jan 24.
  3. The Responsible Patrol Guider will have a set of unique URL links for her patrol. When the girls return their sheets to you, click on the link for each girl – I’ve prepared a step by step tutorial of how to record their selections in our system. You will know that the program has been recorded when you receive a confirmation email from the system indicating that your data has been saved.

You can enter the selections as soon as you have them. You do not need to wait until you have all of them, and you do not need to wait until a set date to enter them – if you have them, enter them! But hold on to those sheets, JUST IN CASE. In 2017 we had a major server failure and lost a lot of data. We do not anticipate that happening again (nobody ever anticipates failures), but it is better to be prepared and KEEP those sheets.

Patrol Guiders have until Feb 29 to enter the data into the system. You do not need to wait that long. You can enter it sooner. You can enter it now. We just need all the data in by Feb 29 as we need to prepare that data for the program assignment meeting where all program department heads work diligently to place girls into their programs. This is a monumental task, and we absolutely need all of our data in on time in order to do this.

Additional Notes

If your patrol is not full, or if there are changes to your patrol after the list of links have been sent, you will receive an individual email from our system for each girl that you add to your patrol. You will only receive the one email with the list of links, and after that it will be one email per girl.

Please check the spelling of the girls’ names in your patrol. This is what we will use on name tags.

If you are making changes to your patrol, please see the process to add/remove/move girls.