SOAR 2020 – Demystifying the Patrol Registration Email


On November 13th and 14th emails were sent to the Responsible Patrol Guider for each patrol approved to attend SOAR 2020. The image below is a sample patrol registration email.

  1. If you have not received your patrol registration email, it may be because your email provider has decided that our emails are spam. Please check your spam folder, and add admin[at] to your safe senders list. The program selection request emails will come from this same address, so you will need to ensure that your email does not think that we are spamming you.
  2. The email was sent only to the Responsible Patrol Guider (RPG) in a patrol. The Responsible Patrol Guider is NOT the Guider who is solely responsible for the patrol, or “in charge” of the patrol. It is simply the person who is designated to receive emails on behalf of the patrol. You could use a joint patrol email address, that both patrol Guiders have access to, or you can have one person responsible to receive emails. We can only have one email address designated per patrol, so which address you want designated as your patrol’s email is up to you. If you would like your patrol contact email changed, please contact SOAR Administration (as listed in the email).
  3. You site “code” is either 2 or 3 letters plus 2 numbers. The letters represent the sub camp that you have been assigned to, and the numbers represent the actual site you will be on. Please note that this is your PRELIMINARY  placement, and may change. So please don’t go out and get patrol crests produced right away! The reason this is preliminary is that we always have patrols drop out before program selection emails are sent out, and we will need to move some patrols around to balance the sub camps and to ensure we don’t have big number gaps between patrols throughout the sub camps. So far we have had about 10 patrols drop out of SOAR 2020 – if they have all dropped out from just one sub camp, this means that sub camp has 80 less girls than the other sub camps, which will cause problems for providing program spaces – we are going to need to move a couple of patrols from the other sub camps over to the “depleted” sub camp to ensure balanced numbers for program purposes. We will also need to move some of the higher site number patrols into lower numbered sites to eliminate gaps (the gaps are an extra challenge for the sub camp teams, and we like to reduce challenges!)
  4. The deadline of Dec 20 is the deadline for PATROL registration. We will not be accepting new PATROL registrations after December 20. If you are a patrol and are going to SOAR, then you need to register your confirmed girls by December 20th. We will need to start moving patrol sites around after Dec 20, as outlined in 3 above – so if a patrol hasn’t registered, that leads us to believe they are going to withdraw,.  All patrols must register by December 20th, whether they are full or not. Patrols with less than 8 girls can fill empty spots after December 20th, but must understand that they will be charged the full patrol fee if they are unable to fill their empty spots. Also, girls who are added or replaced in a patrol after December 20th are not guaranteed to be placed in their top program choices. To add a girl after December 20,  click the link (6)  (then, on the form, select the box that says you are not registering all girls now).
  5. The full name of your sub camp is listed at (5). Again, this is your preliminary placement, as described above. Each patrol registration is being collected into a separate database dependent on your sub camp assignment.
  6. This registration link is unique to YOUR patrol. Every time you click this link, you will be creating a new entry in our registration database. This means that you can register your confirmed girls now, then click the link later to register any girls added to the patrol. If you do not click “submit” after clicking the link and opening the patrol registration form, your entry will not be saved. Only those registrations that have been submitted with the final “SUBMIT” button will be considered completed. Although you CAN submit girls separately, we would very much prefer that you submit all girls at the same time – it is a lot of extra work for our Data Management Coordinator to process patrol registrations in pieces.

Hopefully this post helps to demystify the patrol registration email that was sent out. Watch for another post about how to fill in the patrol registration form.