SG.8 Travel Preauthorization – BC Patrols

Re: Travel Pre-Authorization for SOAR (BC Patrols)

Please be aware that an SG.8 is not required for travel to SOAR, unless the traveling group is turning the trip into something more (sightseeing/extra activities en route). An SG.8 in only needed for international, Interprovincial and complex travel within the province. Traveling to an event or camp is not “complex travel” no matter where in the province you are coming from/going to. It is simply the “transportation” component in the activity planning chart. If a group is going a long distance and needs to stop overnight, it would still be considered transportation, and not complex travel. It becomes complex travel when it is a sightseeing or activity trip, with multiple nights and multiple locations, with the travelling being the primary component of the trip; this used to be called “travel touring”. For more information on this, please contact the BC Safe Guide Adviser at