Water Activities

Guides and Pathfinders will participate in a Water activity. Possible activities follow.

Participants will require a swim test certification documented in iMIS by March 1, 2017 to participate in any of the water activities (except Beach Break).

Beach Break

Build sand sculptures, play field games and enjoy the sunshine. This is an activity for those who have not completed their Girl Guide Swim or Boating test.

Raft Building

Gadget making on a grand scale! Come do a team challenge and see if you can build a raft. Use your creativity, imagination and knot skills to build a unique raft that can get your team out into the water the fastest and the furthest.


Learn how to snorkel like a pro! Spend time searching for hidden treasure, going through obstacles and enjoying the natural lake life.

Paddle Boarding

Do you have the balance it takes? Come paddle along peaceful Lake Tyhee on a stand-up paddle board and find out!


Come on a canoeing adventure. Learn to paddle, steer, and maneuver your canoe. Beginners to Intermediate canoeists welcome!

Mermaid Swim

Don your mermaid tail and learn to swim like a majestic mermaid. Search for hidden jewels and find the long lost treasures.

Obstacle Course

Calling all adventurists! Come race along our inflatable obstacle course. Challenge yourself and see if you can make it across our wobbly, floating track!

River Rafting

Jump on our river raft and paddle your way down the gentle Bulkely River that runs right through Smithers! You are in for a wild ride!

Pool Swim

Relax and spend your time enjoying the local Smithers Pool. Dip into the hot tub or splash into the pool. It’s time to relax and enjoy the water.