Guides and Pathfinders will participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activity. Possible activities follow.

Cool Chemistry

Exciting experiments that will explode (your mind)! Take chemistry beyond the basic volcano in this hands-on session which examines the world of chemical reactions.

Fabulous Forensics

Crack the DNA code and unravel the double helix. Use your new-found detective skills to compare fiber samples, use ink chromatography and analyze blood spatter!

Minerals Rock

Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Dig into the world of geology and discover the many uses of rocks and minerals. Find out what goes into and out of a mine in this explorative session!

Brain Boosters

Expand the power of your brain exponentially as you solve puzzles, codes, and riddles.

Rockets and Robots

What kinds of things can a robot do? How far can your rocket go? Can these two things work together? Mission: Ready to Launch!

Tech Wizards

Stretch your tech-spertise and creativity with coding, game development, and graphic design.

Electric Avenue

Keep those electrons moving as you create and connect circuits, motors, batteries and more. It’s positively electrifying!

Eggstraordinary Experimenting

What came first: the chicken or the egg?  All the amazing things you can learn about and do with eggs!

Inspector Gadget

Create some super structures and gadgets with a variety of materials, then test their strength and accuracy. Do your engineering skills measure up?

Physics Playground

Create fun and funky simple machines while exploring force and motion. The challenge will be, how slow can it go?