All camp participants (Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers) will participate in a Service activity. All girls will be assigned to a service activity. No preference selection is available. Possible activities follow.

Horse Ring Reno

Clean and paint the horse arenas to freshen up the site of prancing feet and horsey high jumps.

Plank Jump Painting

At the Fairgrounds, you will be painting these structures for the horses and their owners to use in competition.

Picnic Table Décor

New picnic tables need protection from the elements. This task requires a coat of paint, and maybe a chance to design.

Tenant Starter Kit

Put together kits for first-time home owners. Most of these tenants have been homeless or very poor and so have little to bring to their new houses. You will be helping Smithers Community Services by making up kits for them to collect when they move in. Each patrol will be asked to bring some of the items for you to sort and pack into totes.

Fish On Drains

Join staff from the Town of Smithers to spray fish shapes in yellow paint near drains located throughout the town. It has been many years since Guides from Smithers initially painted these symbols and they need to be revitalized.

Hygiene Bags

Patrols will be asked to bring toothbrushes, toothpaste and new undergarments. You will sort these items into bags which will be given to children and mothers escaping domestic abuse. These bags will go to Smithers Transition House.

Horseshoe Pit Art

The Village of Telkwa Seniors need you to construct and paint the backboards for their horseshoe pits. You will need carpentry skills and creativity as you make the boards and paint them with style.

Fire Hydrant Makeover

The Village of Telkwa will be working with you to freshen up the fire hydrants that dot the community. This gives you the opportunity to explore this small community only 20 kms down the road.

Rock Garden Planting

Telkwa’s Ark Day Care would like to create and plant a rock garden. They need your gardening skills as the new garden will face the highway and be seen by all who drive by. Your creativity in this project is greatly encouraged.

Round Lake Hall CleanUp

The Hall has been the site of many a Girl Guide camp in the past. It was rebuilt a few years ago and just needs some tuning up such as cleaning windows and walls and the kitchen. Outside you will be pruning and weeding as well as doing some trail maintenance. There is also wood for the woodstove that needs to come in.