Ranger Out Trips

For Rangers only.

These are your out-trip adventure options.  Choose one that interests you, either because you enjoy it or you want to try something new.

Each option offers a brief description of the out-trip, and lists what experience and/or requirements you will need to have an enjoyable time, and to be accepted as a participant.

After you receive confirmation of your out-trip acceptance, you will receive additional information about how to prepare for your trip, and to learn what you need to bring. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions closer to the camp dates.

We are very excited to offer you these great adventure opportunities.

The out-trip requirements may include:

  • Safe Guide boating test and/or swim test (organize these with your Guider, and make sure she submits it into your iMIS records before March 1, 2017)
  • additional waiver (your Unit Guider will pass these onto you, when she receives them from us)
  • physical abilities (the out-trip Guider will contact you to confirm these needs)
  • clothing/foot gear (the out-trip Guider will contact you to confirm these needs), and
  • health form (H1) bring an extra one to pass onto the out-trip Guider.

Some activities will require additional specialized equipment (e.g., backpack for backpacking); participants will be notified prior to the camp of equipment needs and kit lists as necessary.

For each of these out-trips, you will be sleeping in tents, and be off the main campsite for two nights.

Backpacking – Standing Camp

Enjoy the stunning glacier-fed lakes, rugged peaks and sub-alpine meadows throughout Babine Mountains Provincial Park. You’ll setup a wilderness camp to become your backcountry home for two nights, and spend your days venturing from base camp throughout the area.

Experience:  None

Requirements:  Carry a 16 kg personal backpack and bring H1

Backpacking – Moving Camp

Like the Standing Camp, you’ll trek into the Babine Mountains Provincial Park, an area offering some of the finest hiking opportunities in west-central British Columbia. In addition, you’ll setup camp each night at a different location, checking out even more of the 31,000 hectare landscape!

Experience:  None

Requirements:  Carry a 16 kg personal backpack and bring H1

Mountain Biking

The Bulkley Valley is prime mountain biking country, surrounded by forested hillsides, stunning alpine meadows and rugged mountain peaks.

Experience:  Bike riding

Requirements:  Be physically fit, and able to pedal up to 40 km/day, Safe Guide swim test may be required, bring H1

Horseback Riding

Check out all the various terrain the Bulkley Valley has to offer, all on horseback! Immerse yourself in all things equine over a 3-day trail ride.

Experience:  None

Requirements:  Additional waiver, bring H1


Enjoy the balance of both meandering down the river, and experiencing white-water! You’ll even get the chance to learn guiding techniques and river rescues, where you’ll be in control of the raft!

Experience:  None

Requirements: Weigh 40 kg plus, Safe Guide boating test, Safe Guide swim test, additional waiver, and bring H1.


Join the Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club to fish, arch and shoot! Whether you’re brand new and have never picked up a rod or bow, or are looking to refine your skills, this out-trip is packed with activity choices to keep you busy.

Experience:  None

Requirements:  bring H1


Enjoy a self-powered back country experience where you work as a team to navigate the bush with map and compass, test out GPS systems, and even see what treasures you can uncover in the caches!

Experience:  None

Requirements:  bring H1


Paddle in the beauty of the BC wilderness! Enjoy three days of canoeing and portaging throughout a flat water environment.

Experience:  None

Requirements:  Safe Guide boating test, and bring H1

Culinary – From Field to Fork

This hands-on experience will take you into the fields to harvest your ingredients, back to your outdoor Guiding kitchen to prepare gourmet food, and time to devour your creations. This will be a tasty adventure that will also include camping on the farm.  Experience food from the fields to your meals.

Experience:  Propane stove

Requirements:  Enjoy cooking, and bring H1


Hand build 3-dimensional works in clay using a variety of hand-building techniques, and learn the fundamentals of throwing on a potter’s wheel. A variety of surface treatments on damp clay will be explored, as well as glaze techniques on fired pieces using brushwork and stencils.

Experience:  None

Requirements:  bring H1

Musical Theatre

Enjoy a fun combination of dance, singing, dialogue, and acting! The lyrics and stories will come from popular musicals; this is a triple-threat activity!

Experience:  None

Requirements:  bring H1


Enjoy the rich history of the Bulkley Valley area by immersing yourself in artifacts and archives of the museum!

Experience:  None

Requirements:  Bring H1