Fine Arts

All camp participants (Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers) will participate in a Fine Arts activity. Possible activities follow.

Acrylic Painting a la “Paint Night”

Getting together to create a specified acrylic painting in a couple of hours with one’s friends has become a popular outing for many. Often held in a pub or bar, but sometimes as a fundraiser in a community hall or school gym, participants are given step by step instruction to create a finished painting, ready to take home in a relatively short amount of time. Girls will make a 9”x12” painting on stretched canvas.

Manga Girls

Manga are comics created in Japan, or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. Not content just to follow the adventures of their favourite futuristic Japanese cartoon heroes, Canadian teenagers are learning how to draw “manga” comics themselves. Participants will receive instruction in the “manga” style of drawing and have the
opportunity to create their own Girl Guide manga character or cartoon.

Theatre Around the Campfire

What could be more fun that writing and performing a great Campfire Skit, using play-writing methods? In small groups, participants of each session will create and practice a skit, using the form and structure necessary for a good play, and then perform it for each other.

Capturing the Little Things

A photography session, giving participants the opportunity and instruction to take effective and artistic macro photos of small objects or details in the world around us – something more creative than the usual scenery/people shots. The photos taken by the participants will be made available to Girl Guides of Canada for future PR purposes.

Aurora Borealis at Your Fingertips

One of the breath-taking sights in the north is the Aurora Borealis dancing through the night sky. Participants will learn a creative technique to make beautiful portrayals of our Northern lights, using pastels and blending.

Trip the Light Fantastic

Hip Hop, Jazz Dancing, Belly Dancing, and Creative Dance have all become popular with today’s girls… Here is an opportunity to expand their dance horizons by venturing into the popular dances of yesteryear! Participants will get a taste of the art of old- style dances, including jive, waltz, Charleston, schottische, polka, and square dance! Come prepared to m.o.v.e. !

Letting the Inside Out

Michelangelo said, “ Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Participants will have the pleasure of removing everything that “isn’t” the statue and create their own piece of 3-D art.

Piping in the Campfire

Music adds so much to our campfire circles. Recorders are inexpensive, easily found and easily learned instruments which can add to the sing-a-longs and campfire programs everywhere. Girls will receive user-friendly instruction to learn to play a few popular and well-known campfire tunes and will take away a pocket sized music book so that they can continue to play these songs when they return home.

Frozen in Time

Working in pairs, create a hand/forearm sculpture, using plastic wrap and packing tape, which may be used as a jewelry holder, scarf holder, bird feeder or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Squirt Gun Painting

What could be more fun than creating a unique and creative piece of art? Creating it using paint and squirt guns! Participants will have the opportunity to try out this fun activity, painting their own masterpiece to take home! Come prepared to get messy!