All camp participants (Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers) will participate in an Environment activity. Possible activities follow.

Salmon Seekers*

Channel your inner fish…Enhance your knowledge of salmon and their importance to British Columbia. Meet the fish, be the fish, feed the fish– at the Toboggan Creek Hatchery. Guides & Pathfinders only.

Fantastic Flora and Fauna*

Can you hear the call of the wild? We are all connected on planet Earth. Find out just how much while exploring biodiversity in the Bulkley Valley. Guides & Pathfinders only.

LNT Amazing Race

Back for a second year, teams compete to finish a series of challenges related to Leave No Trace camping principles. On your mark, get set… GO!

Tree Talkers

Who speaks for the trees? You will after you plant a special SOAR-grown tree seedling in this exploration of the Smithers Harvest Demonstration Forest.

Ecosystem Avengers

We’re all downstream! Explore the effects of human activity and water usage on the environment. Take and test water samples to solve the pollution mystery.

Dig This

Archaeology or anthropology? Participate in a camp-based dig to uncover artifacts and analyze them to determine how people lived and camped in the past.

Weather Wizards

“When thunder roars, go indoors.” Learn how to make a forecast, read a weather map, test for wind speed and UV rays, as well as expose some wild weather myths in this perfect storm weather bonanza. No umbrellas needed.

Wetland Wonders*

Be a critter detective and explore life in the watery habitats of a local wetland area. Pond dipping nets and petri dishes will be provided! Guides & Pathfinders only.

Be a Locavore

Do brown cows make chocolate milk? How does wheat become bread? How does your garden grow? Tour a local family run farm to find out how our food gets from farm to table.

Power Down

What do you do when the power goes out? Enjoy the challenge of building working models of alternative energy sources and testing their powers.

Ancient Ways in Modern Days*

Learn from local First Nations their traditional ecological knowledge and how to apply it in today’s world. Guides & Pathfinders only.