Day Trips

Guides & Pathfinders will participate in a Day Trip with their patrol. Possible day trips follow.

Your entire sub-camp will enjoy a fun-filled and active day, exploring part of BC! Bring along your sense of adventure as you step back in time to experience the history of the area.

Each trip will include a stop at a swimming pool.

NOTE: Your entire patrol must choose one of the trips as you will be travelling with your patrol for the day.

K’san Historic Village and Museum

Travel to beautiful Hazelton to tour K’san village, a replicated ancient village and First Nations World Heritage Site. Learn the history of the Gitxsan people and their culture. The K’san village showcases seven long houses and several totem poles.   The museum has a large collection of native artifacts, preserving the history and culture of the Gitxsan First Nation people. You will also tour the small Village of Old Hazelton,   The village was founded in 1866. Uncover its unique history with the help of the Historic Hazelton walking guide. Hazelton has a population of approximately 300 people and is located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers.

Medieval Mayhem

Hear ye, oh hear ye, fair ladies of SOAR,… the honour of your presence is requested at the Shire of Tir Bannog Medieval Village located midway between Smithers and Houston. You will be welcomed at the village gate by the “Inn Keeper” who will take you on a village tour, where medieval history will be brought back to life. Imagine yourself back in time when you play games at the Red Wolf Inn, or when walking through Shrew’s Alley, Wlf’s Court and other village places. Experience throwing medieval weapons (in a safe environment!!). Take photos while trying on medieval garb at the Shrew’d Apparel Shop. Walk the gangplank on to the shipwreck and climb down the stairs into the main hold. Here you will discover and create medieval crafts. Waivers are required for this trip.

Houston Hodgepodge

Take part in a walking tour of the Town of Houston (it ain’t Texas!). Houston is a forestry, mining and tourism town (population 3200).   Stroll through Steelhead Park where you will see the world’s largest fly fishing rod, Houston’s only totem pole, and The Houston Museum Society’s “Walk through History”. Houston is also known as the Steelhead (ocean going fish) capital of the world. Visit the park’s Steelhead fountain “Coming Home”. At the Visitor’s Center you will get a close up view of the Hungry Hill Grizzly Bear display! Your Houston Hodgepodge also includes a trip to the bowling alley where you might just get a strike and a visit to the local movie theater!