All camp participants (Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers) will participate in a Crafts activity. Possible activities follow.

Felt Creatures*

Make your own felt stuffed creatures. To make these creatures you will be using patterns, cutting out felt, and hand sewing them. Multiple patterns (Including a Cute red fox) will be provided to have fun with. For Guides & Pathfinders only.

String Art Creations

String art is a great way to express your creativity. Coloured thread is wound around a grid of nails hammered into a wooden board or plaque to form patterns or designs such as hearts or a mountain. There will be patterns provided or you can create your own design the options are endless.

Pillow Case Art

Exploring different methods of fabric dying and embellishments. Some types of dying that we will be using include sun bleaching, reverse dying, batik, and tie dying. Embellishments include but not limited to fabric paint, buttons, lace, and ribbon. Express yourself in a creative way.

Mosaics Fun

Upcycled art using old CD’s and DVD’s to create either a picture frame or mirror. Then you will be able to make give the creation your own touch by decorating it with a variety of accent When finished the sun will shine on it creating a beautiful rainbow light show that changes depending on where the sun hits it.

Memory Boxes (includes wood burning/carving)

Create a memory box using different types of materials as decorations including wood burning and/or carving. You can either use templates provided or a free form design that you have created yourself. Each box will also include a pop out photo book made of paper.

Creative Jewelry

Explore making jewelry using a multitude of amazing supplies. Create necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, and/or pins, using washers, beads, wire, ribbon, embroidery floss, and leather.

Beaded Wind Chimes

Create magical movement and musical sounds with your own imagination by using beads, feathers, tin, wood, glass, and other eye catching materials to make a memorable wind chime.

Picture album/scrapbook

Upcycling old CD cases into a picture album, scrapbook, or smashbook. With all the amazing coloured paper, stickers, and embellishments provided you will be able to use your unlimited imagination to decide how these will look.

Homemade Blissful Relaxation Crafts

Bath bombs, lip balms, bath salts, and other self-care products. You will be customizing your relaxation items with your own fragrances and colours.

Fabric Bowls*

Creating fabric bowls using clothes line, fabric strips, and hand sewing them into a wonderful shaped bowl or mat. You are going to build a bowl or mat by coiling the clothesline around itself while sewing the thread around two coils connecting each coil to the previous coil. For Rangers only.

Dream Catchers*

Catch all your bad dreams by constructing a Dream catcher using a spider web design on a hoop. Decorate your Dream catcher with flowing ribbons and objects such as feathers and beads. For Rangers only.