Active Rec

All camp participants (Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers) will participate in an Active Recreation activity. Possible activities follow.


Archery is cool, just like in the Hunger Games. Choose this session to learn the basics of archery. Learn how to use the equipment safely plus how to improve your concentration so you can hit the target, maybe even a bulls eye!

Catch A Poacher*

Is sleuthing your thing? Your mission is to find the poacher’s campsite, then solve the unique clues and challenges to crack the criminal poaching ring. Be careful! The poachers will be returning and your presence can’t be detected. After you solve the clues, radio the park ranger to save the animals. Will you accept the challenge? Pathfinders & Rangers only!

Cosmic Bowling

Enjoy 5-pin bowling at Smithers Bowl, including Cosmic Bowling, the ultimate in cool bowling experiences, with the music cranked up and the laser lights on for a bowling adventure that’s out of this world!

Cycle Touring

Cycle along the scenic Perimeter Trail surrounding Smithers, then test your skills on the BMX track before returning to camp. This ride is suitable for all cyclists.

Frisbee Golf

Enjoy a game of frisbee golf at Ranger Park, a beautiful course in the pines. This incredible sport uses Frisbees thrown at a target or ‘hole’. Lots of fun!

Fly Fishing

Spend some peaceful time by the river learning the art of fly fishing. You will learn how to properly use rods, reels, lines and tackle. Learn proper casting techniques, proper fish handling, plus safety and fishing regulations. You might even catch a fish! Please note, we will be doing catch and release – we will not keep the fish. We will release them back into the water.

Hike to Malkow Lookout

Malkow Lookout Trail travels through farmer’s fields, along grassy meadows and among sub-alpine forest trees leading up to an old forestry lookout providing views of the beautiful Bulkley Valley, the Town of Smithers and the Telkwa Mountain Range.

Please choose the Twin Falls Hike if you want to go at a more leisurely pace.

Horseback Riding*

Do you love horses? Whether you have never ridden a horse or you are an experienced rider, this session is for you. You will learn about horses, how to care for them, and about western tack. You will also be able to go for a horse ride, with help if you want it. Pathfinders & Rangers only!

Martial Arts/Self Defense

This martial arts class will teach you the basics of self-defense and can help you develop some of the mental and physical skills you need to defend yourself against attacks. This entry-level class is designed for girls at all skill levels.


There’s a lot more to firing a rifle than just pulling the trigger. Learn the fundamentals of riflery, how to handle a rifle safely, how to steady your aim and fire at the target.


Want to learn some ollies and nollies? In this skateboard session you will learn the basics of balance and proper foot positioning plus a variety of really good beginner skateboard tricks. Pathfinders & Rangers only!

Squash & Wallyball

Get hooked on Squash, one of the fastest sports around. Learn the fundamentals of the sport, swinging a racquet and making the shot. Then, have a wild game of Wallyball where the ball is never out of bounds!

Twin Falls Hike

Bring your camera for this one! Hike to see the spectacular Twin Falls which flow from the Lake Kathlyn Glacier. Trails are flat and hard packed with gravel for easy accessibility. Your observation skills will be tested to add a challenge while you’re hiking.

Wall Climbing

An introduction to climbing at the BV Rec Centre’s indoor facility. Learn the basic climbing techniques, lingo, and knot tying.  While having a fantastic time scaling walls, you will be building muscle strength, improving coordination and having fun!