Program Options Booklets

The time has come to rank your program options!

Patrol Guiders: Please print and share the program options booklet with every girl in your patrol. Each girl will need to complete the last page of the booklet and return it to her patrol Guider by February 3, 2017.

Guide/Pathfinder Program Options(pdf)

Ranger Program Options (pdf)

Welcome to Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous (SOAR) 2017. We have many program options for you to choose from. We will do our best to match you with one of your top three choices of activity in each section, however, due to heavy demand in some activities, we cannot guarantee this. Be prepared to have a positive attitude and lots of fun, no matter what sessions you participate in at camp.

Read the program descriptions and program selection sheet instructions carefully, then fill in your program choices and return the selection sheet to your patrol Guider by:

February 3, 2017

This will allow your patrol Guider to enter your choices in the electronic registration form by her deadline date.

When you arrive at SOAR in Smithers, you will receive your own personal program schedule.

Remember, if you do not complete the appropriate waivers, or complete the required swim or boat tests, you can not be considered for the program choices that require them!

NOTE: Your program will be chosen FOR you if you do not respond by the deadline!