Photos Wanted!

We’re starting to upload the SOAR 2017 photos to SmugMug (which will take quite some time, so please be patient – lots to upload!), but have found that we are lacking in some areas. We need your help! Our photographers were primarily located on site and thus we don’t have many photos for the off site activities.

We’ve created galleries for each of the following categories with guest upload permissions. If you can help us by sharing your photos to the gallery specifically listed for each activity, we would be grateful!

Please ensure that you are only uploading photos of participants who have signed IR1 permission forms (black name tag holders).

Ranger Out Trips

(note: all Rangers at SOAR had signed IR1 permission forms)

901 Standing Backpack 902 Moving Backpack 903 Mountain Biking
904 Horseback Riding 905 Rafting 906 Fishing/Archery/Riflery
908 Canoeing 909 Culinary 910 Pottery

Day Trips

K’san Historic Village Medieval Mayhem Houston Hodgepodge

Offsite Program

Active Recreation Environment Fine Arts
STEM (Science) Water activities  Service

Time Off in Smithers

Around Smithers

Any Other Photos

Photos which do not fit into the above categories