Patrol Registration – Step 2

We’re on to the Next Step of Patrol Registration!

If you are the Responsible Patrol Guider (RPG) for your SOAR 2017 patrol, then check your email… we’ve sent program selections emails for every girl in your patrol. Each patrol was sent one email per girl – to the Responsible Patrol Guider only.

You’ve Got Mail!

Look in your email inbox or junk mail folder for an email with the subject “SOAR 2017 Program Selection“. Within each email is a personalized link for each girl in your patrol. Do not click on the link until you ready to complete program ranking for that specific girl. All the information you need to complete the form is included on the program selections sheet from the Program Options booklet.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully submitted each girl’s information. If you do not receive the email, then your information has not been saved within our system.

There Was a Glitch…

So, apparently servers don’t like it when you try to send out 1,665 emails all at once. While sending out the program selections emails, the server thought we were spamming all of you and locked us out of the system for several hours. This may mean that not all of the emails we intended to send actually went through. Please check your junk folder first, but if you didn’t receive emails for all of your girls, please contact us and we’ll make sure they get sent to you again (in a batch much smaller than 1,665 emails at once!)

ePACT Went Out Today, Too!!

Not just to the RPG, but to every Guider and to the parent of every girl attending SOAR. Please watch for these emails, as well.

Thank you for your time and patience with the enormous task of collecting data for all of our participants.