Patrol Registration – Step 1

It’s Time to Begin Girl Registration!

If you are the Responsible Patrol Guider (RPG) for your SOAR 2017 patrol, then check your email… we’re ready to take in some basic information about the girls who will be joining you at SOAR. Each patrol was sent one email – to the Responsible Patrol Guider only. The 2nd patrol Guider was not sent an email, as we only need to collect this information once, which is why we have just one of you designated as the “RPG”.

You’ve Got Mail!

Look in your email inbox or junk mail folder for an email with the subject “SOAR 2017 Patrol Registration (Girl Guides of Canada)“. Within that email is a personalized link for your patrol. This link is not to be shared with other patrols. Do not click on the link until you are completely, absolutely, 100% ready to fill in the form with the following information for each and every girl in your patrol:

  1. Her name. First and last name. Spelled correctly.
  2. Her iMIS number. It is very important to have the correct iMIS number. Check it. Then check it again before entering it into our form. We need to connect this girl with her profile in our national database. Note: if you are an international participant, you can leave the iMIS box blank.
  3. Her birth date. Again – make sure this information is accurate.
  4. Her family email address. This needs to be an address that her family checks regularly. We will be sending an invitation to the ePACT system for the families to complete online health forms and permission forms, and to upload waivers.

More Mail to Come…

This is step 1 of the patrol registration process. Later, you will receive additional emails to register each girl’s program preferences. Watch or subscribe to our website to receive information as to when these emails will be sent out.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully submitted your patrol information. If you do not receive the email, then your information has not been saved within our system.

There’s a Deadline!

The deadline to have this first step of patrol registration information submitted is December 25, 2016.

Thank you for your time and patience with the enormous task of collecting data for all of our participants.