Program Registration: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

We will soon be sending out an email to the designated Responsible Patrol Guider for each patrol with a list of unique links to enter the program selection for each girl in your patrol. If you have not yet filled your patrol, you will receive a separate program selection email for each girl added to your patrol. You will only receive one email with the compiled list of links.

Due to email quota limitations, only one sub camp worth of email program links will be sent per day (so if you see that someone from another sub camp has received their program email, please be patient as yours may be a few days away, still).

Step One – Click the link in your program selection email.

Click “Next”

Step Two – Check the Survey

Make sure to tick the box next to “Yes, the names match!” before clicking “Next”. But only if the names actually DO match. Otherwise, find the “Exit and clear survey” link at the top to try again.

Step Three – Enter Girl Information

Your patrol (in this case “Test1” is the patrol) and the name of the girl you are selecting program for (Wanda Camp) will be displayed on every subsequent page. Here you need to select her t-shirt size and enter her birthdate. Wanda was born in 2009 so she is a Guide.

Click “Next”

Step Four – Program Rankings

The fastest/easiest way to select program is to double-click on the choices in the left hand column in order – double-click on the girl’s #1 choice first, then her #2 choice, etc. The system accepts exactly 5 choices – no more, no less.  As you select an activity, it will move from the left column to the right column. If you make a mistake, you can double-click on an activity in the right column to remove it, or you can move items around by drag-and-drop.

At the bottom of each page is an optional text box for you, the Guider, to share information with the program team.  You do not need to fill anything in here. Click “Next” to continue through the various program categories.

Step Five – Special Note about Day Trips

For Guide/Pathfinder patrols – when you get to the Day Trips section, you MUST ensure that you enter the same order for every girl in your patrol. You will be travelling together as a patrol for your Day trips, so we need a consistent ranking for everyone in your patrol so that we know how to place you.

Step Six – Confirm Your Identity!

On the last page of the program selection survey, the name and email address of the Responsible patrol Guider for your patrol will be automatically filled in. If someone other than the Responsible Patrol Guider fills in the form, please update the information on this page. Sometimes we have to contact the person who filled in the form.

Click “Submit”

Step Seven – Check Your Email!

After you click “Submit” the system automatically generates an email confirming that your selections have been saved into the database.

Step Eight – Start over with the next girl in your patrol!

Continue entering the program selections of the girls in your patrol until you’ve entered them all!