Program Information

Guide/Pathfinder Program

The program consists of traditional camp-type activities such as cooking, campfire sing-alongs and crafts. The girls may sign up to try out activities in each of the program areas-Active Recreation, Crafts, Environment, Fine Arts, Service, STEM and Water activities  and go on day trips to tour the local area.

  • Active Recreation
  • Crafts
  • Environment
  • Fine Arts
  • Service
  • STEM
  • Water Activity
  • Day trips

Each girl’s personal program selection choice will be entered online, within each program area, by order of preference. A personalized camp schedule will be distributed to each girl upon arrival at camp. Patrols will all have the same program area at the same time, but each girl within a patrol could have a different program activity based on her program selection and assignment.

Ranger Program

In addition to some of the program opportunities listed above, the Rangers (girls born in 2002, 2003 or 2004) also have the opportunity to sign up for various three day adventure out trips.

New for this SOAR, Rangers have the choice to participate in regular program activities or to take part in leadership opportunities around the camp, in addition to their adventure out trip. See inside this booklet for more details.

Program Selection

Program selection will be completed by the responsible patrol Guider via an online form, beginning in January. Guiders will receive an emailed invitation for each girl in their patrol, and will follow a special link to enter each girl’s preferences into a form. Each link emailed may only be used once.

Deadline for girls to select their program and return their selection sheets to their Guider is January 24, 2020. Deadline for Guiders to enter program into our system is February 29, 2020.