Patrol Registration

Patrol Registration Changes

To remove a girl: Please email admin[at] to remove a girl from your patrol. You will need to provide your patrol site, her iMIS number and her name.

To add a girl: Please use the original registration link to add a girl to your patrol in the same manner you registered the rest of your patrol. You will answer “no” to “are you registering your full patrol” then just enter the number of girls you are adding at this time. This does NOT overwrite your patrol registration – you are creating a new entry in our database which will allow us to add the new girl to your patrol.

To move a girl between patrols: Please have the RPG of the new patrol email admin[at] with the girl’s iMIS number, name, site she is moving from and site she is moving to. The RPG of the new patrol should send the email and copy the RPG of the old patrol so that both patrols are kept “in the loop” about the move. Note: once program has been selected, it is difficult to move a girl between patrols in different sub camps, as program selections may no longer be available in the new sub camp.

Patrol Registration Status

Dark colours mean the patrol is full. Light colours mean there are still girl spaces in the patrol to fill.

Please contact admin (the email you received when you registered) if you think your patrol is misrepresented on this image.