Missing Program Selections (Patrol List)

As you all know, our website server suffered a hard drive failure last week. A couple of emails were sent to the responsible patrol Guiders to help clarify the situation. However, it seems there is still some confusion about what Program Selections were restored and which were lost.

What happened?

  1. Our website server suffered from hard drive problems for a few weeks, eventually resulting in a catastrophic failure.
  2. Our hosting company restored an outdated version of our server contents, including an older program database.
  3. Guiders re-entered program or entered new program.
  4. Our hosting company then restored our server contents again, including the program database, from the day of the crash – restoring about 600 lost registrations, but losing any new registrations entered after the first restoration.

Are my program records saved or not?

I have had many emails asking me to confirm whether or not program selections were saved for specific patrols. To help answer that question, here is a list of all patrols that are still missing some or all program selections (as of February 17). If you thought you had entered all of your girls’ program records, and your patrol is listed here – that means there was some sort of problem related to our hard drive crash and we are still missing some of your program. You will need to enter it again.

Babine Range – Patrols Missing Program

BR08, BR13, BR16, BR19, BR24, BR25, BR32, BR33, BR35, BR37, BR39, BR43, BR44, BR45, BR50

Caribou Mountain – Patrols Missing Program

CM02a, CM02b, CM06, CM09a, CM11, CM13, CM22, CM27, CM28, CM34, CM35, CM36, CM37, CM47, CM48

Hazelton Mountains – Patrols Missing Program

HM01, HM02, HM03, HM04, HM06, HM10, HM14, HM18, HM24, HM25, HM26, HM31, HM33, HM36, HM38, HM43, HM48, HM49

Moose Mountain – Patrols Missing Program

MM01, MM05, MM06, MM07, MM08, MM09, MM10, MM11, MM12, MM13, MM14, MM19, MM20, MM21, MM24, MM29, MM31, MM32, MM34, MM35, MM40, MM42, MM44, MM46, MM49, MM50

Kispiox Range – Patrols Missing Program

KR04, KR12, KR15a, KR19, KR21a, KR21b, KR27, KR28, KR38a, KR43, KR45