IR.1 Image Release Form Required

All participants, including girls, patrol Guiders, core staff, sub camp staff and the steering committee, are required to have an IR.1 recorded in their iMIS profile. An email was just sent to all of the currently registered Guiders for SOAR who do not have an IR.1 recorded.

The following email was sent:

In order to attend SOAR you must have a completed IR1 within your iMIS profile. It is your choice as to whether you sign it with a “yes” (I give my permission for images, as set out in the form) or a “no” (I do NOT give my permission). Please note that there are a lot of photos taken at SOAR (you can see the volumes of photos for prior SOARs by visiting and if you do sign with a “no” you will need to be identified at camp and aware of any photographers around you so that you can make sure they know not to take your photo.

You can download the IR1 form from Memberzone at with a direct link to the pdf version of the form at

When you have completed your IR1, please forward it to your local iMIS Support person and have her enter it onto your iMIS profile. The deadline to have this information into iMIS is March 1, 2017.