Health Form Printing Tutorial

Following is a step by step procedure on how to print your health form from ePACT.

1. Log in to ePACT

Go to the ePACT website at

Click “Log in” at the top right corner.

Enter the Email and password that you used to register on the account. If you can’t remember your password ((remember these are 10 characters long with at least one special character), you can use the Forgot password? link.

2. Connect to Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR

After you log in, you will connect to your main ePACT page, which shows all the people in your household. Here we have the parent/guardian (Julie) and her dependent (Girl) as members of the household. NOTE: If you don’t see the “My Household” box, click “My ePACT” at the top of the page (in the blue bar) to get the this page.

Click on your dependent’s name (here, we have clicked on “Girl”) (or, if you are an adult attending SOAR, click on your own name).

A window pops up showing Girl’s organizations and her emergency contact(s). Click on the words “Girl Guides of Canada” – DO NOT click on View More the button – you must click on the WORDS “Girl Guides of Canada”.

3. Locate the Health Form

Your dependent’s profile page will come up, showing what you have shared with Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR. You can see on this page that Girl Guides of Canada – SOAR is the second tab after “Personal Profile”. You’re already on the right page here. Contact info and Medical info are showing.

Right under the photo is a section called “Profile Actions”. The health form that you are going to download is the PDF – “Download PDF”.

Click on “Download PDF”. You will need to choose a place to save the file onto your computer.

4. Open the PDF on Your Computer


Now that you have the correct file on your computer, open it using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program (free at .

5. Print the PDF

If your printer is capable of double-sided printing, choose that option. Otherwise, you can print one page at a time and feed the same sheet back into your printer to achieve printing on both sides of the paper.

You do not need to print all pages. You want the information up to and including the Emergency Contact information.

In the sample form, page 1 includes the girl’s name, address, Medical Info (Basic Medical Info & Extra Medical Info) and the beginning of the Medications and Treatments section, and page 2 includes the rest of Medications and Treatments, History & Requirements (Medical Conditions, Recent Health Issues, Medical Providers) and Family Information. Print these two page double-sided so it is just one piece of paper.

Now whether or not you need to print page 3 (and add an extra piece of paper) depends on each individual form. If you have a lot of information on your form (someone with allergies or taking medications will have a longer form), you may want to print the third page (on a second piece of paper) and attach it to pages 1 & 2.  On this sample, the only information needed from the third page is the Emergency contact info. To save paper, you can PRINT (with a pen) this information onto the page you have already printed.

6. What You Don’t Need to Print

The following sections are not needed on the printed copy:

  • Groups
  • Shared Files
  • Waivers/Informed Consents/Other

7. What to Add to Your Form

Please PRINT on the first page your Guiders’ names and your patrol site.

If you have uploaded a separate medication or allergy plan, these need to be printed separately.

8. Print a SECOND Copy!

Yes, we want two copies – one copy will go into each participant’s name-tag pouch so they can carry it with them at all times. The second copy is to be handed in to the Guider in your patrol who is designated at the First Aider.

9. More than one SOAR attendee?

If you have another daughter attending SOAR, or if you are attending SOAR yourself, be sure to repeat the same process to print these forms as well.