Guider Handbooks (for Core Staff & Patrol Guiders)

It takes a team of volunteers to prepare the handbooks for both core staff and patrol Guiders attending SOAR. In the past, these booklets have been distributed at camp, and not beforehand. This is because there is a HUGE amount of work and coordination to get them completed accurately.

We had posted the Core Staff Handbook back in April, but since then, there have been changes. If you are a member of core staff and had already downloaded the handbook – please download the new version. There have been a number of changes, including an updated map following a recent site visit to verify where all of the departments will be located on site.

We have had a lot of requests for the Patrol Guider Handbook to be posted, as well. This handbook WILL be distributed at camp to all patrols as they check in. However, due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received for this booklet, we are sharing it online now.

Please click on the images below to download each of the handbooks.