Girl or Guider Withdrawals

It’s important to notify the Registrar immediately when a girl or Guider withdraws from a patrol.

When a girl or Guider withdraws from a patrol, at this point the data is spread far and wide. There are several steps for withdrawal. Here are the steps when a girl withdraws:

  1. Notify the Registrar! Include your patrol number, the name and iMIS number of the girl withdrawing. Please, Guiders, contact the Registrar directly when there are ANY changes to your patrol.
  2. The girl will be removed from our girl spreadsheet – this spreadsheet helps us to track total numbers of girls in each patrol, and easily identify where we have spaces. It is also where we confirm that we have entered (or removed) each girl from iMIS.
  3. Our event in iMIS will be modified – we “cancel” the girl from the event.
  4. A new roster is generated for the patrol using iMIS, and sent to the Guider.
  5. E-mails are sent to remove the girl from:
    • ePACT – we will stop sending reminders to the families of girls who have withdrawn
    • t-shirt and hat order – sorry, no custom SOAR hat or t-shirt if you don’t come to SOAR!
    • program assignments – another reason it is important to complete these changes immediately is that when we remove a girl from her program assignments, this frees up a space in those activities for replacement girls
    • area liaison lists – your area liaison will be notified of the change
  6. Our transportation spreadsheet is updated to remove the girl from the patrol.

When we add a replacement girl, we add to all of the above systems, as well as send a program link to the Guider. Program and ePACT must be completed immediately when a new girl is added. The deadline to add a replacement girl is June 15.

Your Roster Must be Up to Date

Did you keep your patrol roster (a pdf file) that we emailed to you in late April/early May?? You need that roster to check in on site at SOAR. Review it now to ensure that it lists everyone who is in your patrol at SOAR – if anyone has withdrawn, they must not be on the roster. Keep a printed copy of your roster to present on site when you arrive at SOAR.