First Patrol Fee Due to SOAR – January 31

Deadline Reminder for all patrols ( this includes BC patrols, other Canadian patrols and international patrols)! Your first camp fee payment is due to SOAR by Friday, January 31st (BC Patrols should have already paid their areas, and if you haven’t, you are now past due!). You MUST make your payment based on a full patrol (G/P) or a half patrol (only if you are a Ranger patrol registered in an ‘a’ or ‘b’ patrol site) – even if your patrol is not filled to capacity. (It is a patrol fee, not a ‘per participant’ fee).

Please see the patrol fee information in our FAQ for full details on payment deadlines and amounts.

BC Patrols that are not filled, and cannot pay the full patrol fee, should connect with their Area Liaisons to work with them to combine girls with other patrols (merge patrols).