Core Staff Handbook (Updated June 29)

We are so fortunate to have about 260 volunteer core staff joining us in Smithers for SOAR. The core staff volunteers fulfill many duties:

  • Food Services volunteers will manage and distribute food to the patrols as well as cook for all core staff,
  • Health Services volunteers will be there for us when we have health emergencies,
  • Security / Event & Emergency Management volunteers will keep us safe,
  • Program volunteers will organize and run our program activities,
  • Site Services volunteers will ensure our campsite has all the services we need (water, porta-potties, etc.),
  • Store/Merchandising volunteers will make sure will all have hats & t-shirts and will provide us with an on-site store,
  • Public Relations volunteers will communicate with the media, document our week at camp and keep us informed with a daily newsletter,
  • International volunteers will assist our international guests and educate all of us about the various provinces and countries that the guests represent,
  • Special Events volunteers will keep us entertained,
  • Transportation volunteers will make sure we safely get to where we need to be going,
  • Sub Camp volunteers will make sure your sub camp runs smoothly,
  • Steering Committee volunteers will be the first and last volunteers on site at camp, making sure that the entire camp runs smoothly.

Our volunteers range from those who have never been to SOAR before all the way to some who have been to every single SOAR!

To prepare our core staff for their SOAR 2017 experience, a Core Staff Handbook has been developed. Core staff can print this booklet now to read before camp and to bring with them when they come.