Sub-Camp Team Applications

SOAR 2020 Sub-Camp Staff information and applications

Deadline: Feb 28, 2019

Before you start you will need the following information:

  1. You must have assembled a team of five Guiders in order to apply for a position as Sub-Camp staff. You will need the names of the five Guiders for your team application: Two Co-Responsible Guiders,  Sub Camp Assistant, First Aider & Quartermaster. Descriptions of the Sub-Camp jobs at camp are listed below (scroll down to below the Application Questions).
  2. An email account that is active and that you will check regularly for updates and instructions about SOAR 2020. If you do not have an active email account you will need to create one using  GmailHotmail or other email site.
  3. Your iMIS number (If you do not know your iMIS number, you can find it on the label of your Canadian Guider magazine or ask your local iMIS person).
  4. Type of first aid qualification and expiry date.
  5. Name, phone number and email address of your 2 references. One reference can be from Guiding, but can not be one of your team members.
  6. When you have the above information, click on the link below to access the application form.
  7. For reference, all questions on the application form are listed below.

Application Questions

Position for which you are applying.

  1. Names of the other Guiders on your team.
  2. Personal information:
    1. iMIS number.
    2. Mailing address (postal code must be in the correct format).
    3. Contact phone numbers.
    4. Valid email address.
    5. Birth date (if you are a Ranger or Link member).
  3. Guiding information:
    1. Your Guiding district and area.
    2. Position(s) you hold in Guiding.
    3. Previous SOARs attended.
  4. Experience information:
    1. What personal attributes make you a good candidate for the position?
    2. Have you ever been a member of a successful team? If so, describe your role and your part in its success.
    3. Shared leadership is a critical element at SOAR. Describe a shared leadership experience in which you have been involved. What role did you play?
    4. How would you maintain a positive relationship as a member of a sub-camp team while liaising with Sub-Camp Liaison, Steering Committee, Patrol Guiders and participants?
    5. What jobs have you done at previous SOARs?
    6. Describe how you think you will function, living in a tent in a crowded camp situation with limited facilities?
    7. Describe the largest camp/event you have been to, not including SOAR?
    8. What do you think you will find the most challenging at SOAR?
    9. How many nights have you camped in a tent in the past 3 years?
    10. What is the longest number of consecutive nights in a tent in the past 3 years?
    11. What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced at camp? How was it resolved?
    12. What was your most positive camp experience?
  5. Skills and Training information:
    1. First Aid certification – type and expiry date. (First Aider Only)
    2. OAL training level completed.
    3. Food Safe certification (Quartermaster only).
    4. Special Needs dietary experience (Quartermaster only)
  6. Affirmation:
    1. The Sub-Camp Co-Responsible Guiders are expected to attend on-site meetings June 14th to 16th, 2019 and June 12th to 14th, 2020. Are you available to attend these meetings?
    2. The site for SOAR 2020 covers 250+ Acres, with several hills. There will be a requirement to walk considerable distances, unaided, in order to perform your Sub-Camp duties.   After you have thoroughly read the job description, do you have any concerns about your physical ability to perform the required tasks?
    3. Concerns about your physical ability to perform required tasks.
    4. Do you understand and agree with the requirement for all staff to assist with additional assignments as needed?
    5. SOAR 2020 includes setup and take down time which Sub Camp staff are expected to be available for. I agree that I will be on site from July 21, 2020 to August 2, 2020.
    6. Affirmation that all the information given in the application is true and complete.
  7. Reference information (for two references):
    1. Reference names (one from within Guiding (not a fellow team member), the other non-Guiding – neither can be related to you)
    2. Reference phone number
    3. Reference email
    4. The capacity that the references know you and how long have they known you.

Sub-Camp Co-Responsible Guiders Job Description (2 positions per team)

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  • Liaise with the SOAR Steering Committee Sub-Camp Liaison(s) prior to camp and at camp
  • Recruit team members (Assistant, Quartermaster & First Aider), delegate jobs
  • Plan camp setup with the rest of the sub-camp team
  • Plan sub-camp activities
  • Keep track of sub-camp spending
  • Set up headquarters on sub-camp
  • At camp be available to answer Patrol Guider’s questions and relay information to them
  • It is recommended that the Co-Responsible Guiders have completed OAL Tenting

Sub-Camp Assistant Job Description

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Be prepared to assist all members of your team, whenever and wherever needed. Activities may include:

  • Help with all set up and take down of the Sub Camp site
  • Help to organize for patrol arrivals and info package pick up
  • Attend meetings and report back to team member
  • Cover for meal breaks for team members
  • Run errands and messages around your Sub Camp site and to patrols
  • Help with patrol activities on your site
  • Sort and organize whatever is necessary throughout camp

Sub-Camp First Aider Job Description

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  • Consult regularly with Health & Wellness Director before and during camp.
  • Must have current First Aid certification.
  • Deal with anything within your capabilities and inform Heath Services when you are forwarding a patient on to them, with a “ticket” and by radio when possible and confer regularly with updates and patient movements to Health Services and back to Sub Camp.
  • In conjunction with the Sub Camp team – provide a First Aid tent or shelter equipped with:
    • blankets & pillows
    • lighting
    • pens/pencils/staplers/hole punch – basic office supplies
  • A Basic First Aid Kit will be supplied by SOAR Health Services – contents will be known closer to the camp dates so 1st Aider can add her own supplies as wanted.
  • All Safe Guide forms will be provided by Health Services along with a recording binder.

Sub-Camp Quartermaster Job Description

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  • Be familiar with all food items available at the QM STORE, especially for special dietary requirements.
  • Answer any questions from campers regarding menu and food items and help them consult with the QM Store Special Dietary Coordinator about special dietary requirements in their patrols.
  • Be prepared to help at the Quarter Masters Store with sorting and labelling and checking in and out of your Sub Camp Patrols as they “shop” during the day.
  • Follow up with campers to ensure their requirements for substitutes are needed and available at the store.
  • Note all International visitors on your site and ensure their needs are being met for any special dietary requirements and help them obtain them from the QM store as needed.
  • Assist the International visitors in obtaining any foods needed for their program set up.