Steering Committee Applications

SOAR 2020 Steering Committee information and applications

Deadline: Oct 31, 2018

A Steering Committee member’s commitment is for almost two years as it begins a year and a half before the event and culminates or is put to bed about four or five months after the event completes. Steering Committee members arrive at camp on the Monday prior the camp and are the last members to depart the event site after clean-up.

Steering Committee Member Qualifications

  • Be a registered adult member of Girl Guides
  • Be familiar with Guiding Essentials, financial management and the National and Provincial bylaws.
  • Be familiar with the current Safe Guide
  • Have and demonstrate some human resources (event management leadership skills)
  • Have some experience and expertise in the area they are chosen for
  • Have and demonstrate problem solving skills and creative and critical thinking skills
  • Be familiar and practice the requirements of the Code of Conduct
  • Demonstrate the ability to work as part of a team and be an effective delegator
  • Have basic understanding of current technology

Before you start you will need the following information:

  1. Please review the steering committee position descriptions and know which position(s) you are applying for. Descriptions of the steering committee positions are listed below.
  2. An email account that is active and that you will check regularly for updates and instructions about SOAR 2020. If you do not have an active email account you will need to create one using  GmailHotmail or other email site.
  3. Your iMIS number (If you do not know your iMIS number, you can find it on the label of your Canadian Guider magazine or ask your local iMIS person).
  4. Name, phone number and email address of your 2 references. One reference can be from Guiding.
  5. When you have the above information, click on the link below to access the application form.
  6. For reference, all questions on the application form are listed below.

Application Questions

Note: some users have had problems with the application form timing out. It is highly recommended that you answer all of these questions offline in a word processing program, then copy and paste your text into the application form when you are ready to apply.

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  1. Position for which you are applying.
  2. Personal information:
    1. iMIS number.
    2. Mailing address (postal code must be in the correct format).
    3. Contact phone numbers.
    4. Valid email address.
    5. Birth date (if you are a Ranger or Link member).
  3. Guiding information:
    1. Your Guiding district and area.
    2. Position(s) you hold in Guiding.
    3. Previous SOARs attended.
  4. Experience information:
    1. What personal attributes make you a good candidate for the position?
    2. Please describe your supervisory experience, through Guiding or outside of Guiding.
    3. Please describe your problem-solving abilities, including an issue you experienced and how your resolved it.
    4. What do you think you will find the most challenging at SOAR?
    5. What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced at camp? How was it resolved?
    6. What was your most positive camp experience?
  5. Affirmation:
    1. SOAR 2020 includes setup and take down time which steering committee members are expected to be available for. I agree that I will be on site from the beginning to the end of SOAR 2020. Actual dates to be confirmed.
    2. Do you understand and agree with the requirement for all staff to assist with additional assignments as needed?
    3. After you have thoroughly read the job description, do you have any concerns about your physical ability to perform the required tasks?
    4. Concerns about your physical ability to perform required tasks.
    5. Affirmation that all the information given in the application is true and complete.
  6. Reference information (for two references):
    1. Reference names
    2. Reference phone number
    3. Reference email
    4. The capacity that the references know you and how long have they known you.

Area Liaison Co-ordinator Position Description

All communication between steering committee and individual area liaisons

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  • Request Area Liaison contact from each Area. See Appendix E Core Staff SOAR Manual. Area Liaison to arrange Area Emergency Contact Person – Appendix E SOAR Manual
  • Liaise with Area Liaisons on various aspects
  • Coordinate with Core Staff Liaison and ensure Area Liaisons are aware who the core staff are from their Area
  • Coordinate patrol arrival and departure times with Area Liaisons, Transportation Director and Registrar
  • Welcome patrols upon arrival
  • Assist with distribution of patrol packages and hats upon patrol arrival
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of their specialty, prepare and submit detailed report to Responsible Guiders

BC Council Liaison Position Description

Liaises between BC Council and SOAR Steering Committee, appointed by Provincial Commissioner

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  • Acts as the liaison to the BC Provincial Commissioner’s team and office as necessary, giving reports and answering questions and bringing any questions or concerns back to the Steering Committee
  • Attends SOAR for all or part of the event
  • Meets and greets camp participants
  • Arranges accommodations for Chief Commissioner or other Girl Guides of Canada dignitary guests
  • May undertake small tasks
  • In cooperation with the International/International Director ensures that invitations are extended from PC office to International/Interprovincial participants through the National office Girl Guides of Canada.
  • Working with the International/Interprovincial Direct and in cooperation with the Provincial Commissioner ensures that invitations are extended to other provinces through Provincial Commissioners
  • In cooperation with the Provincial Commissioner extend invitations to dignitaries for the event. (i.e. Chief Commissioner and Area Commissioner)
  • Take an active part in the core staff and patrol guider approval process
  • After the event, ensure that a letter of acknowledgement of participation is sent by the Provincial Commissioner for each International patrol to the member country (copy to the Responsible Guider of each patrol and list participants of each patrol within the letter)
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, to Responsible Guiders.

Core Staff Liaison Position Description

All on-site planning and management of core staff sub camp & services

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  • Liaison between steering committee and core staff
  • Coordinate core staff arrival and departure times with Transportation Director and Registrar
  • Works with responsible guiders to develop core sub camp name and hat colour
  • Plans space with responsible guiders
  • Assist and orient core staff upon arrival and set up/take down
  • Develop and coordinate core staff schedule for set up/take down
  • At camp, assists and addresses any core staff questions or concerns
  • Provide and maintain showers and wash area for core staff
  • Prepares and posts daily information for core staff, passing along information from steering committee
  • Oversees core staff hospitality area, liaising with Food Services Director
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Deputy Co Responsible Guider (Mentee) Position Description

Up to Two Members – Working closely with Co Responsible Guiders to train to oversee all planning and management of future SOARs

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Specific duties to be assigned by Responsible Guiders from among their responsibilities:

  • To attend regular meetings of the Steering committee in person or by teleconference ü Report to BC Council as required, re progress
  • Maintain regular communication with all Steering Committee members
  • Ensure all GGC requirements are being followed and met
  • Liaise with the Provincial Office Manager regarding financial and office staff requirements
  • Work with Treasurer to monitor costs and budget
  • Ensure current Safe Guide is followed with respect to Insured, Uninsured and Conditional activities and the level of the activities be that Green, Yellow, orRed
  • Accept all Patrol Guider and Core Staff applications
  • Review all applications and references for Sub Camp, Core Staff and Patrol Guiders
  • Working with PC Liaison Representative vet all applications through Area Commissioners and Provincial Commissioners.
  • Notify all Patrol Guider and Core Staff applicants of acceptance or non-acceptance
  • Monitor social media and website, responding to queries and ensuring communication is accurate
  • During SOAR, continue to oversee all departments to ensure health and safety of participants
  • Before and during SOAR, evaluate any risks to camp or its participants and determine appropriate course of action, in consultation with appropriate department heads and/or PC Team
  • Evaluate the event and make recommendations for future events
  • Follow up with Steering Committee members for submission of final Department reports
  • Hold SOAR Steering Committee Debrief meeting after event, at a time that allows for financial reports to be completed

Event and Emergency Management Director Position Description

All planning and management of communication, safety and event management.

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  • Make assessments of the site in the areas of entrances, exits, and pedestrian and vehicle traffic within the site, existing infrastructure (buildings, phone/fax lines, cell coverage) and possible local hazards. The three key threats to the event and the participants are human, animal, and environment (fire, flood, wind)
  • Liaise and establish contact with local police, Fire, PEP, Conservation Officer and MOT personnel. Meet with them as required and arrange a site tour with them as soon as possible. Be prepared to be flexible as to their requests
  • Work closely with the Transportation Director to establish parking and a safe traffic flow particularly during arrivals and departures; with Site Services Director in the overall layout of the site; with Program Director(s) in the development of the daily camp schedule; with Health and Wellness Director as to their location on the site in the event EHS are required
  • Establish and maintain staff on main gate and service providers onsite
  • Coordinate comings and goings of service providers with Site Services and Food Services Directors
  • Liaise with the Responsible Guiders regarding all aspects of the safe guide and establishing and Emergency Contact number for the event. Plan for an all camp ‘fire drill” within the first 24 hours
  • Provide/rent/purchase/maintain and store all necessary equipment for the event including VHF radios, FRS radios, safety gear, vehicles, shelter etc.
  • Liaise with Program Director as to special safety equipment required for their out trips such as Satellite telephone, bear spray, etc.
  • Help formulate the Emergency Response Plan along with other steering committee Directors
  • Before camp receive a list of emergency contacts of all participants to SOAR by patrol in each area
  • At camp watch carefully for signs that may involve risk factors for participants/core staff
  • Establish an Emergency Contact for the Province as well as National contacts
  • Before camp receive a list of all supplies and equipment that needs to be insured and arrange for that insurance, including value of items onsite for GGC insurance coverage
  • Request Certifications of Insurance from National office
  • Prepare and submit safe guide forms
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Food Service Co Directors Position Description

Food Services Cafeteria Director – All planning and management of Food Services – Core Staff Cafeteria

Food Service Quartermaster Director – All planning and management of Food Services – Quartermaster Store.

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Both directors work together to develop and provide the Food Services for the whole camp.

  • Contact local public health officials to provide information with respect to food services, policies for food storage and waste management
  • Arrange contracts with food suppliers and liaise with them for food quantities and delivery/pick-up
  • Arrange contracts for equipment suppliers
  • Determine the location of core staff cafeteria at camp
  • Provide list of equipment and shelters needed
  • Arrange for refrigerators & coolers for cafeteria
  • Develop a nutritious, low risk food menu for both patrols and core staff, considering dietary concerns
  • Produce patrol menu booklet, to include staples list
  • Liaise with other Steering Committee Directors as to special dietary requirements for their department (i.e. night shift snack, water, etc.)
  • Liaise with Program Directors and Program Activity Coordinators for Ranger out trip food requirements and any special food required
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Health and Wellness Services Director Position Description

All planning and management of health and safety issues on-site.

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  • Choose location and organize the health services centre on the site
  • Ensure that all Health Services core staff have the necessary credentials for their assigned job
  • Coordinate completion of required medical documentation with Program Directors
  • Coordinate with Program Director regarding day trip first aid requirements (i.e. patrol Guider brings own first aid kit on bus)
  • Visit and secure use of local medical professionals
  • Visit and advise the local hospital of the camps presence
  • Obtain needed medical equipment and supplies to operate the health centre as well as the sub camp and program first aid stations (patrol guiders assigned to bus bring a first aid kit)
  • Have awareness of all medical concerns for participants and core staff
  • Help coordinate transportation of those needing transport for medical reasons to on- site activities with transportation team
  • Liaise with Program Directors for Ranger out trip needs
  • Ensure First Aid and Registered Nurse credentials up to date
  • Restock depleted items in personal First Aid kits used on day trips during SOAR, as required
  • Follow up on out trip injuries
  • Maintain database of more serious injuries, including those requiring or with the potential to require medical care off-site; communicate these with Responsible Guiders on daily basis
  • Use electronic process to store all health forms (Epact)
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

International/Interprovinicial Director Position Description

All planning and management of International/Interprovincial guest groups at SOAR.

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  • In cooperation with the Provincial Commissioner’s Representative invite International /Interprovincial participants
  • Keep the International BC committee updated on camp information
  • Liaise with International/Interprovincial guests before, during, and post camp ü Work with Transportation and Area Liaison Coordinator to assist with International/Interprovincial guest travel arrangements to and from camp
  • Assist with home stay if needed both before and post camp
  • Complete the necessary Safe Guide paperwork for home stay guests
  • Provide orientation sessions for each Area providing home stay, provide hosting guideline to each Area
  • Work with sub camp staff before and during camp to ensure International / Interprovincial guest’s needs are met.
  • Work with Area Liaisons and the Area Liaison Co-ordinator, along with the camp buddies to ensure equipment needs for guests are met.
  • Gather extra sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothing for guests to use on site, if needed.
  • At camp contact all International/Interprovincial guests
  • Meet International and Interprovincial guests at camp registration area and escort them to their sub camp
  • Determine location and develop an International/Interprovincial activity area at camp
  • Assist with International/Interprovincial entertainment night where needed
  • Work with Special Events to supply Colour Party for Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • Assist with any International/Interprovincial issues that arise before, during and post camp ü Work with Registrar to facilitate camp buddies for International/Interprovincial patrols that require buddies.
  • Develop application or outline of what is required for camp buddies to host an International/Interprovincial patrol
  • Set up Provincial contact in each Province attending to flow communications through, where necessary.
  • Responsible for the security of valuables for International/Interprovincial guests at camp ü Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guider

Merchandising Director Position Description

All planning and management of event clothing and store

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  • Works with Steering Committee for selection of participant and core staff shirts
  • Assists Sub Camp Responsible Guiders with selection of hat colors
  • Orders and distributes event t-shirts and hats to steering committee
  • Works with Steering Committee to determine and purchase Core Staff appreciation item(s), if applicable
  • Organizes SOAR event items to be sold at event store
  • Organizes and operates event store
  • Coordinates “garage sale” at end of camp
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders.

Public Relations Director Position Description

All planning and management of media related topics.

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  • Coordinate with Provincial Commissioner Liaison, Responsible Guiders and Special Events Director and send invitations to distinguished guests
  • Drafting of PR materials: SOAR fact sheets, SOAR key messages, Q & A, SOAR backgrounder, SOAR trivia
  • Liaison with Provincial PR for Girl Guides of Canada fact sheets and key messages
  • Liaison with Provincial PR re media data base, distribution of PR materials to Area PR Advisers
  • Maintain SOAR website and coordinates website submissions
  • Maintain Twitter account and postings
  • Maintain Facebook page and monitor postings
  • Coordinate Pipeline submissions to Pipeline editor
  • Distribution of media releases and coordinates interviews with media
  • Prepares and produces daily all camp newsletter for distribution to sub camps
  • Tour Day organization and brochure
  • Organize and release coverage of event by SOAR photographers and videographer
  • Develop community awareness for event and Tour Day
  • Tracking media results
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders.

Program Directors Position Description

Two to three-member team – All planning and implementation of camp program, appoints and oversees Program Activity Coordinators and Girls First Representative.

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  • Determine and coordinate section activities for SOAR, including number of activities, location, equipment required, staff required, etc.
  • Maintain timeline of all activities performed on behalf of the Program Committee for future event information
  • Establish program department heads
  • Attend meetings and participate in conference calls
  • Select Core Staff from Core Staff Applications for program departments
  • Provide program selection details for inclusion in program books. Sample in Appendix G
  • Determine and communicate requirements from activity coordinators to other steering committee directors, such as:
    • Transportation-buses(number, size, travel distance, maps)
    • SiteServices-Tents/marquees(numbers w/sides, size),electricity, storage on site, tables, chairs, signage, water stations
    • Health&Wellness–1st Aid kits, INS.01
    • FoodServices–Ranger out trips
    • International/Interprovincial
  • Maintain financial accountability for program area
  • Review and follow the safe guide for all areas and activities of program specialty
  • Gather any waiver forms required for each activity requiring one, forward to Registrar for inclusion in patrol mail-out
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance for all companies providing program and send to Emergency and Event Management Director
  • Communicate value of equipment/supplies which will be brought to camp
  • Be available for entire time
  • At camp, ensure all program staff actively help at camp in areas other than their own, when appropriate and necessary, in consultation with Core Staff Liaison
  • Communicate expectations to Program core staff, schedule core staff to provide necessary support to girls and Guiders at event, adhering to safe guide standards
  • Communicate to Responsible Guiders of any problems or difficulties encountered or anticipated
  • Create all-camp program and special event schedule, in consultation with Special Events Director
  • Apply to any local government or other agencies requiring a permit to host an event
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, submit to Responsible Guiders

Registrar Position Description

All planning and management of participant registrations with assistance of Secretary/Assistant

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  • Establish Steering Committee contact list in iMis; in conjunction with Secretary, keep contact list up to date
  • Establish Sub Camp team contact list in iMIS
  • Establish Program Department Head contact list is iMIS
  • Establish Area Liaison contact list in iMIS
  • Coordinate with Treasurer to establish incoming registration payments with Provincial office – provide Treasurer with registration numbers from each area, out of province core staff contact information, and international/interprovincial patrol information
  • Provide brief description of Core Staff requirements/qualifications for Pipeline
  • Communicate with International/Interprovincial Director and PC Liaison to determine process for International/Interprovincial and Province.
  • Share the necessary information with other departments as needed.
  • Communicate with International/Interprovincial Director and Provincial Commissioner’s Liaison to establish process for International/Interprovincial participants
  • Create online registration forms for Core Staff, Sub Camp Team Members, Program Department Heads, Patrol Guiders, International /Interprovincial, and youth. See SOAR Manual Appendix H – Resources, samples of application forms in Dropbox SOAR 2017
  • Create other online registration forms as required – for example, core staff work shirt registration form
  • Create iMIS Event in the Events Module (can copy and modify an existing SOAR event)
  • Liaise with iMIS staff at National to create necessary reports for the Event
  • Using the Events Module reports, check iMIS for all participants for First Aid, Swim/Boat tests , IR.1 status and PRC status
  • Send IR.1 status reports to Public Relations Director to follow-up with participants missing an IR.1 and to explain the consequences of a “no” IR.1
  • Add international participants into iMIS as non-members, with an expiry date set to just after the event
  • Receive and data input into iMIS – IR.1 and swim/boat test forms for international participants
  • Communicate with Patrol Guiders
    • Deadline reminders – follow up when registration deadlines missed
    • Advise Guiders of missing First Aid requirements
    • Answer questions about registration procedures
    • Replace or remove participants from the event
  • Assist Program Directors in creation of program registration for girls and Guider activities
  • Receive Patrol Guider & Core Staff registration information and maintain electronic documents
  • Coordinate the sharing of necessary information with other departments, as required
  • Coordinate with Area Liaison Coordinator any information to be sent out to patrols or participants, either electronically or surface mail
  • Liaise with Area Liaison Coordinator and Steering Committee to fill spaces in patrols and find replacement Guiders
  • Oversee registration at camp upon arrival of patrols and core staff
  • Once camp starts give full camp count to Events and Emergency Management Director
  • t camp coordinate data entry, keep accurate counts of participants leaving and coming back to camp
  • After camp enter participant participation into iMIS send participant information into iMIS prior to December 31st. Send to Provincial iMIS Advisor for keeping. Note: with the use of the Events Module, simply close the event to update participant info.
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Secretary/Assistant Position Description

All planning and management of the Administration Centre and taking and distributing minutes at Steering Committee meetings. Assist Registrar with planning and management of participant registrations (see Registrar Job Description)

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  • Takes and distributes all minutes and hostess for meetings (prior, during and post camp)
  • Books accommodations for steering committee members for meetings, as required
  • Handle correspondence in conjunction with the Responsible Guiders
  • Organize and run the Administration Centre at camp
  • Arrange for office equipment (i.e. colour copier)
  • Arrange internet/wi-fi service
  • Organizes and supervises use of on-site office technology (computers, photocopier, office supplies, etc.)
  • Coordinates and support the camp daily steering committee meeting
  • Organizes and staffs the camp lost and found at camp
  • Assist Responsible Guiders with tasks as required
  • Coordinate the distribution of Letter of Appreciation to Employer and families of Patrol Guiders and Core Staff, who wish to have one. Compile requests using electronic program for BC Provincial office to merge with word doc and send out via email.
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation and submit detailed report to Responsible Guiders

Site Services Director Position Description

All on-site planning and management of all location needs

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  • Work with Responsible Guiders and Event & Emergency Management Director to develop a contract with the camp site owners
  • Liaise with other department heads to design the site layout
  • Produce a site map suitable for large or small publication
  • Provide shelters-to include permanent structures and tent/marquee rentals
  • Arrange waste management-garbage, compost, recycle, refundables and gray water
  • Toilets/porta-potties rentals and maintenance
  • Provide water-potable and other
  • Provide signage-on highway to direct people to the site
  • In cooperation with all departments oversee the signage required for the various venues and activities
  • Provide tables and chairs to all venues and sub-camps
  • Provide fuel-propane, diesel (if required)
  • Arrange power-electric and generators
  • Fencing of hazardous areas
  • Carpentry-building ramps, floors, stairs
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, including financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Special Events Director Position Description

Planning and implementation of all-camp special events and infrastructure.

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  • Liaise between steering committee, public relations, international, sub camps, security, carnival coordinator, and other departments as necessary.
  • Communicate with special events committee prior to camp to inform them of their responsibilities, ask for input, and forward any pertinent information.
  • Provide information for the SOAR website prior to camp (campfire song list, karaoke list and instructions, recorded music of songs).
  • Provide song lyrics for the patrol booklets and girl booklets.
  • Book stage, sound and lighting at least 1 year prior to event.
  • Work with special events committee members to plan all special events such as the opening, closing, campfire, and other events as planned by the steering committee.
  • Work with special events committee to plan ceremonies, karaoke, create stage décor, purchase and package crowd props/giveaways.
  • Book performers
  • At the event oversee set up, take down, planning and organization of events by special events committee, and provide stage management as necessary.
  • Attend daily steering committee meetings.
  • Within one month of closing submit a special events report to the steering committee.
  • Create and work within the budget allotted by the steering committee/provincial council.
  • Coordinates Parade (opening) and Carnival (closing)
    • Liaise with, site services, sub-camps, core staff ,and local community groups.
    • Book activities/vendors/BBQ/Catering of camp wide final dinner.
    • Liaise with local community officials to coordinate parade logistics/route.
    • Communicate with patrols and core staff regarding parade(banners/wagons etc.)
    • Order/purchase materials/prizes as needed.
    • Plan logistics of location of activities/equipment/transportation of equipment needed
    • Within one month of closing submit a report to the Special Events Director.
  • Create and work within the budget allotted by the steering committee / provincial council.
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, to Responsible Guider

Sub Camp Liaisons Position Description

Two member team – All on-site planning and management of sub camps

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  • Liaison between steering committee and sub camp responsible guiders
  • Works with sub camp responsible guiders to develop sub camp names and hat colours
  • Plans space with SOAR responsible guiders
  • Obtains sub camp tool kits from site services and distributes to each sub camp and collects at end of camp for storage
  • Assists sub camp responsible guiders upon arrival and set up/take down
  • At camp, deals with any conflict resolution between patrol guiders and sub camp staff
  • At camp, holds daily meetings with sub camp team
  • Attend daily Steering Committee meetings
  • Ensures through Site Services sufficient quantities of flagging tape to cover all sub camps for patrol sites (dozens of rolls required)
  • Liaises with Health & Wellness Services for sub camp 1st Aid tent basic equipment (i.e. cot, basin, etc.) (as per list from previous SOARS)
  • Mechanics form for all sub camps (as per list from previous SOARS)
  • Source suitable shower enclosures with input from sub camp teams, one set per sub camp
  • Working with the sub camp teams and International/Interprovincial Director to ensure the comfort of all International patrols
  • Liaise with Site Services for major items, such as marquees, tables, chairs, porta pottie and gray water placement and water availability (pipes or tanks and location, etc.)
  • Ensure each sub camp has recycle, garbage and compost bins
  • Ensure each sub camp has a food sharing tent with two tables
  • Provide adequate and appropriate signage for sites
  • Be available and visible to sub camp teams and patrol guiders for questions/comments/concerns during the day and evening
  • Assist where and when needed with whatever is happening (i.e. tarping, equipment replacement, etc.)
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Transportation Director Position Description

All on and off site planning and management of transportation

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  • Determine the location for bussing and transportation center at site
  • Determine area for day trip departures separated from program daily departures
  • Working with Site services & Event and Emergency Management Director to organize traffic control, flow, and supervision
  • Working with Area Liaison Coordinator to organize patrol arrival and departure times
  • Working together with Program Directors to plan, organize and finalize bussing for program schedule
  • Oversee loading and unloading of busses
  • Arrange bussing and shuttle service (when necessary) for core staff arrival and departure, in coordination with Core Staff Liaison
  • Determine with RG’s who will have permission to drive at least 3 months prior to camp.
  • Coordinate with Responsible Guiders to organize on and off-site shuttle service (if required)
  • Planning with Event and Emergency Management Director to organize parking for core staff, participant vehicles and gear trucks
  • Coordinate parking for Tour Day with Event and Emergency Management Director
  • Coordinating with other department heads to organize on and off-site vehicle rental, including trucks, vans, golf carts etc.
  • Maintain rental vehicle fueling, key distribution, general maintenance etc.
  • Arrange for golf carts, ensure they are charged/fueled as necessary
  • Work/coordinate with Site Services and program directors to provide signage to SOAR site
  • Request budget increase if needed depending on site location and distance of program activities to allow for extra busses ie fewer early program departures
  • Share a combined email address with deputy
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, to Responsible Guiders

Treasurer Position Description

All planning and management of financial matters concerning SOAR

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  • Liaise with the Provincial Treasurer, Office Manager and Financial Manager in Provincial office
  • Responsible to develop budget in conjunction with Steering Committee
  • Responsible to develop operating procedures for spending and submitting of expenses
  • Ensure that budget is being adhered to and recommend changes to the budget as required
  • Contact bank to set up account near the site for deposit of monies and emergency expenses
  • Provide copy of past SOAR expenses for comparison
  • Responsible for monies required for floats and monies collected through sales
  • Liaise between Steering Committee and Provincial office for submission of contracts
  • Set deadline for contracts!
  • Contact Provincial office for ordering debit machine (wireless) for SOAR Store
  • Work together with SOAR Store to set up, test and train cash register machines to staff
  • Set post-camp deadline or send out reminders regarding advances and repayments
  • Within one month of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report
  • Prior to SOAR wrap up meeting (November/December) prepare and send financial statements to each Director and copy to Responsible Guiders