Program Department Head Applications

SOAR 2020 Program Department Head information and application

Deadline: January 7, 2019

Before you start you will need the following information:

  1. Know which position you are applying for. A list of the program departments and a description of the Program Department Head job is listed below.
  2. An email account that is active and that you will check regularly for updates and instructions about SOAR 2020. If you do not have an active email account you will need to create one using  GmailHotmail or other email site.
  3. Your iMIS number (If you do not know your iMIS number, you can find it on the label of your Canadian Guider magazine or ask your local iMIS person).
  4. Type of first aid qualification and expiry date.
  5. Name, phone number and email address of your 2 references. One reference can be from Guiding.
  6. When you have the above information, click on the link below to access the application form.
  7. For reference, all questions on the application form are listed below.


Program Departments

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Active Recreation Crafts Environment Fine Arts Ranger Out Trips STEM Service Water Activities

Program Department Head Job Description

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All planning and implementation of camp program for your department.

  • Determine and coordinate section activities for SOAR, including number of activities, location, equipment required, staff required, etc.
  • Maintain timeline of all activities performed on behalf of the Program Committee for future event information.
  • Select Core Staff from Core Staff Applications for your program department.
  • Slot girls into program sessions, balancing participant numbers in all sessions.
  • Provide program selection details for inclusion in program books.
  • Determine and communicate inter-department specifics, such as:
    • Transportation
    • Site Services
    • Health & Wellness
  • Maintain financial accountability for program area.
  • Review and follow Safe Guide for all areas and activities of program specialty.
  • Complete Safe Guide forms for approval, as required.
  • Negotiate any contracts required, forward contracts to Program Directors, who will forward to the Provincial office 
to obtain signature.
  • Gather any waiver forms required for each activity requiring one, forward to Program Directors by Jan 1, 2020.
  • Arrange for all necessary equipment, supplies, etc. for program specialty, including
 transportation of same to event.
  • Receive a Certificate of Insurance from all companies providing program and send to
 Emergency and Event Management Director.
  • Communicate value of equipment/supplies which will be brought to camp.
  • Be available for entire time of camp, including set up and take down.
  • At camp, ensure all program staff actively help at camp in areas other than their own,
when appropriate and necessary, in consultation with Core Staff Liaison.
  • Apply to any local government or other agencies requiring a permit to host an event.
  • Within three weeks of closing of camp, prepare an evaluation of your specialty, prepare and submit detailed report, review financial statement, submit to Program Directors.

Application Questions

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  1. Personal information:
    1. iMIS number.
    2. Mailing address (postal code must be in the correct format).
    3. Contact phone numbers.
    4. Valid email address.
    5. T-shirt size (best guess – we don’t have size charts yet)
  2. Guiding information:
    1. Your Guiding district and area.
    2. Position(s) you hold in Guiding.
    3. Previous SOARs attended.
  3. Position for which you are applying.
  4. Experience information:
    1. Experience and Skills related to the position.
    2. What personal attributes make you a good candidate for the position?
    3. Jobs at previous SOARs.
    4. How will you function living in a tent in a crowded camp situation with limited facilities?
    5. How would you maintain a positive relationship as a member of the program team while liaising with program directors, core staff, patrol Guiders and participants?
    6. What will be the most challenging for you at SOAR?
    7. Have you ever been a member of a successful team? If so, describe your role and your part in its success.
    8. Shared leadership is a critical element at SOAR. Describe a shared leadership experience in which you have been involved. What role did you play?
    9. What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced at camp? How was it resolved?
    10. What was your most positive camp experience?
  5. Skills and Training information:
    1. First Aid certification – type and expiry date.
    2. OAL training level completed.
    3. Other
  6. Affirmation:
    1. The program department heads are expected to attend site meetings on site in June 2019 and June 2020. Are you available to attend these meetings?
    2. The site for SOAR 2020 covers 250+ Acres, with several hills. There could be a requirement to walk considerable distances, unaided, in order to perform your Core staff duties.  After you have thoroughly read the job description, do you have any concerns about your physical ability to perform the required tasks?
    3. Concerns about your physical ability to perform required tasks.
    4. Do you understand and agree with the requirement for all staff to assist with additional assignments as needed?
    5. SOAR 2020  includes setup and take down time which staff are expected to be available for. I agree that I will be on site from July 21, 2020 to August 2, 2020.
    6. Affirmation that all the information given in the application is true and complete.
  7. Reference information (for two references):
    1. Reference names (one from within Guiding, the other non-Guiding – neither can be related to you)
    2. Reference phone numbers
    3. Reference emails
    4. The capacity that the references know you and how long have they known you.