Patrol Guider Applications

Note to all applicants: Do not start to fill in your application unless you are ready to submit the form immediately. Please review all application questions prior to applying. Please read all of the questions before clicking on the application link. Late or Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you do not receive a CONFIRMATION OF COMPLETION email from us, then you have not completed the application. All incomplete applications will be deleted one week after they were initiated.

*new* SOAR 2020 BC SPARE Patrol Guider Information and Application

Often, a patrol Guider is unable to attend after registering and being approved.  We will keep a list of “spare Guiders” who will be fully approved and ready to step in to a patrol to help make sure all girls who want to attend, are given the chance.

Qualifications as a “Spare Guider”:

  • Must have completed a Police Record Check and have current Safe Guide training.
  • Must have experience volunteering in a unit with the branch you are applying to attend with
  • Must be a member of Girl Guides of Canada in British Columbia
  • Must be 19+ at the time of camp.

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Before you start you will need the following information:

  1. iMIS number (If you do not know your iMIS number, you can find it on the label of your Canadian Guider magazine or ask your local iMIS person).
  2. While at camp, Patrol Guiders are asked to work short shifts at various jobs around camp.  Patrol Guiders are essential to the smooth running of the camp and we ask that you perform the duties you are assigned in a cheerful manner. Patrol Guiders may be scheduled for shifts doing one particular duty or may be scheduled for different duties. We do our best to ensure only one Patrol Guider at a time will be scheduled for work. While all jobs need to be done at camp and placement will be made based on camp needs, we  try to assign duties to Patrol Guiders that they will enjoy so please let us know what jobs you would prefer.  Please read the job descriptions carefully and then be ready to indicate your top three choices.
  3. Name and expiry dates for any qualifications you hold such as waterfront, first aid, nursing license, driver’s license, etc.
  4. Your t-shirt size according to the charts below on this page.
  5. An email account that is active and that you will check regularly for updates and instructions about SOAR 2020. If you do not have an active email account you will need to create one preferably using  Gmail. (Please note that Yahoo and Hotmail tend to direct emails from our site into the spam or junk folder, so these addresses are NOT recommended)
  6. Name, phone number and email address of your 2 references. Note that you can not use two Guiding references, and there are other limitations on who you can use as a reference (see details in the application questions below).
  7. When you have the above information, click on the link below to access the application form.
  8. For reference, all questions on the application form are listed below. Please read all of the questions before clicking on the application link. Late or Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you do not receive a CONFIRMATION OF COMPLETION email from us, then you have not completed the application. All incomplete applications will be deleted one week after they were initiated.

This application is for BC Spare Patrol Guiders only.
Application Deadline: January 31, 2020.

SOAR 2020 Job Duties for Patrol Guiders


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Quartermaster Store: The food services team is responsible for all aspects of food services for both the patrols and the core staff. The QM team requires extra help during peak times in the Quartermaster Store which receives, sorts and supplies food to the patrols. Workers need to be physically fit and able to be mobile and do heavy lifting of supplies. Shifts may be scheduled outside of the regular program times.

Cafeteria: The food services team is responsible for all aspects of food services for both the campers and the core staff. In the cafeteria, which supplies food to the core staff, extra help is required with preparing meals. Shifts may be scheduled outside of the regular program times. Shift workers must be able to stand on their feet for long periods of time.


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Responsible for health care and first aid for adults and girls. Patrol Guiders may be asked to help out as First Aiders for the program site or as extra staff at the camp hospital.


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Patrol Guiders assigned to International would be helping out in the International Tent or helping International Patrols. Other language skills are especially welcome!


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Energetic, enthusiastic Patrol Guiders are invited to volunteer to help program staff in a variety of program areas. (If Program is one of your choices, please indicate which areas of Program you are interested in.)

Active Recreation: Patrol Guiders who help with this area need to be physically fit.  Please indicate qualifications, if any in the following qualification section.

Crafts: Patrol Guiders are needed to help program staff with teaching various crafting skills.

Environment: Is protecting the environment your thing? Patrol Guiders are needed to help program staff help the girls explore their environment.

Fine Arts: Patrol Guiders who work here have a love of various fine arts which may include such sessions such as photography, hydrotherapy, cartooning, antique restoration, calligraphy or culinary design, as well as dance, music, and drama.

Ranger Adventure Trips (Ranger patrol Guiders ONLY): Rangers at SOAR are offered a 2 ½ day Adventure Out-Trip. Trips are either led by qualified outfitters or qualified core staff.  There are few spaces for Patrol Guiders on these trips and these spaces are limited to providing ratio for the girls. We do not offer these trips to all adults as to do so would reduce the number of girls that can be accommodated on the trips. Patrol Guiders with specific qualifications needed for trips are given preference.  If you are choosing this category, please be sure to list your qualifications in the qualifications section of this application.

Service: SOAR has traditionally excelled in the range of service projects the girls are involved in.  From babies to seniors, for individuals or whole communities, these projects make a difference in our world.  Patrol Guiders will be helping program staff to inspire the girls to make a better world.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): If STEM is your thing, then volunteer to help the Program team inspire the girls to be enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering and math!

Waterfront: Do you have any waterfront qualifications.  If so, helping the Waterfront team with activities could be for you.  Be sure to include your qualifications in the qualifications section.


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Patrol Guiders may be asked to assist the Public Relations team with the camp newsletter, monitoring social media, assisting photographers and other duties.


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Want to aid the security staff in directing girls and Guiders on the site?


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This team needs energetic, good-humoured Guiders who don’t mind hard work and getting their hands dirty!  While riding golf carts, they manage to keep the camp clean by removing garbage, compost, recycling, water supply and portapotties – these are just a few of the camp necessities in our domain.  Patrol Guiders who help out here need to be physically fit.


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Patrol Guiders assigned to Special Events need to be ready to pitch in with all aspects of putting on a big show!  You may be asked to help with set design, sorting items for use in shows or mustering girls. Special Events is also responsible for the all-camp fair and many items need to be prepared ahead of this exciting event.


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Patrol Guiders assigned here may help out with receiving stock, stocking  or tidying shelves and helping with the flow of the customers. Workers need to be physically fit and able to be mobile and do heavy lifting of supplies.


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The transportation hub is always a very busy and exciting place to help out.  Patrol Guiders helping here need to be friendly and polite, willing to answer questions regarding the SOAR Site and transportation and be willing to help muster groups to their correct buses.

Camp T-Shirt Sizes

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All Camp Shirts

This size chart is for the t-shirt that all SOAR participants will receive.

Adult Polo Shirts

All adults (core staff and patrol Guiders) will receive a polo shirt, as well as the All Camp Shirt. Available in both ladies and mens sizes.

Ladies Sizes (click on table to bring up a full pdf file)

Mens Sizes (click on table to bring up a full pdf file)

Application Questions

  1. Personal information:
    1. *iMIS number.
    2. Your name.
    3. Mailing address (Canadian postal codes must be in the correct format).
    4. Contact phone numbers.
    5. Valid email address. (all communication will be by e-mail)
    6. T-shirt sizes (for both all-camp shirt and polo shirt)
  2. *Guiding information:
    1. Your Guiding district and area.
    2. Position(s) you hold in Guiding.
    3. Previous SOARs attended.
  3. Patrol information:
    1. Patrol type: Guides and/or Pathfinders, or Rangers.
    2. If Rangers, patrol size (half or full).
    3. Position for which you are applying (Responsible or Second Patrol Guider).
    4. Name of your other Patrol Guider. (Spare Guider applicants do not answer this question)
    5. *If you are a BC Patrol, do you want to host an international patrol?
    6. For USA and international patrols only: if details of the girls are known, please submit names and birthdates – girls must be at least 12 at the time of the event.
    7. For international patrols only: are you interested in being connected to a BC Patrol to set up homestay before and/or after the event?
  4. At camp job duties.
    1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd preferences, plus related experience and skills.
    2. Please don’t ask me to…
  5. Experience information:
    1. If you have been to a previous SOAR, what jobs have you done at SOAR?
    2. Describe how you think you will function, living in a tent in a crowded camp situation with limited facilities?
    3. Describe the largest camp/event you have been to, not including SOAR?
    4. Describe your experience with camping in tents and using camp stoves for cooking.
    5. What do you think you will find the most challenging at SOAR?
    6. How many nights have you camped in a tent in the past 3 years?
    7. What is the longest number of consecutive nights in a tent in the past 3 years?
    8. What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced at camp? How was it resolved?
    9. What was your most positive camp experience?
  6. Skills and Training information:
    1. *OAL training level completed.
    2. Water activities qualification – qualification type, certificate expiry, experience.
    3. First Aid qualification – type and expiry date. (at least one of the Guiders in the patrol is required to have current first aid – Standard level preferred – at the time of camp)
    4. Registered Nurse – areas of work and expiry date.
    5. Driver’s License – class, type of experience and expiry date.
    6. Forklift certification.
    7. Belaying qualifications/experience.
    8. Food Safe – level & experience.
    9. Adventure Activities – qualification and experience.
    10. Languages.
    11. For USA and international patrols only: you must submit documentation verifying your membership in a WAGGGS organization.
  7. Affirmation:
    1. Do you have any concerns about your physical ability to work with the patrol and perform required tasks? If you have concerns, please explain.
    2. I understand and agree with the requirement for all Patrol Guiders to assist with additional assignments as needed.
    3. I understand and agree to the following expectations required of me while at camp: to abide by GGC Code of Conduct, to attend from July 24 to August 1, 2020 inclusive, to abide by camp protocols and support fellow volunteers and respect everyone’s work – in particular by attending evening events at camp.
    4. Affirmation that all the information given in the application is true and complete.
  8. *Reference information (for two references) Note: One of your references can be from within Guiding, and neither reference can be related to you. Your patrol co-Guider can not provide a reference for you. Your references MUST have email addresses that they check regularly.
    1. Reference names
    2. Reference phone numbers
    3. Reference emails
    4. The capacity that the references know you and how long have they known you.

*Questions/sections marked with an asterisk (*) are for Canadian patrol applications only.