Core Staff Applications

Note to all applicants: Do not start to fill in your application unless you are ready to submit the form immediately. Please review all application questions prior to applying.

SOAR 2017 Core Staff Information and Application

Before you start you will need the following information:

  1. For Canadian Guiders – iMIS number (If you do not know your iMIS number, you can find it on the label of your Canadian Guider magazine or ask your local iMIS person).
  2. Name and expiry dates for any qualifications you hold such as waterfront, first aid, nursing license, driver’s license, etc.
  3. Descriptions of the various jobs at camp are listed below. You will be asked to pick your 3 top choices. (It is suggested that you look over the list on this page and make your choices prior to filling out the application form.)
  4. Your t-shirt and hat size according to the charts below on this page.
  5. An email account that is active and that you will check regularly for updates and instructions about SOAR 2017. If you do not have an active email account you will need to create one using  GmailHotmail or other email site.
  6. Name, phone number and email address of your 2 references.
  7. When you have the above information, click on the link below to access the application form.
  8. For reference, all questions on the application form are listed below. Please read all of the questions before clicking on the application link. Late or Incomplete applications will not be considered. If you do not receive a CONFIRMATION OF COMPLETION email from us, then you have not completed the application. All incomplete applications will be deleted one week after they were initiated.


This application is for all core staff – BC, Canada & International.
Core staff must be born in 1998 or earlier.

Note: There is a registration fee for out of province core staff: $238.09 + GST = $250. Due January 31, 2017.



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  • Help prepare, cook and serve 3 meals daily for the core staff (approximately 250) for the 12 days staff will be at camp.
  • Setting out items for bag lunches for bus drivers and staff who will be away for the day.
  • Help prepare mid-day snacks.
  • Arranging for snacks/meals for overnight staff.
  • Help unload Cafeteria food deliveries from the Quartermasters Store.
  • Keep on top of inventory.
  • Meals are usually served for a two hour window.
  • Breakfast will begin at 7:00 am , Lunch at 12:00 noon, Supper at 5:30 pm.
  • Be aware of any special dietary needs and help with seeing to their needs.
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time, be a fast worker in the kitchen.
  • Days are long, must be a team player.
  • Assist with setting up and maintaining the dish washing stations for after meals.
  • Assist with cleaning in kitchen and staff eating areas.

Preferred Qualifications: Food Safe and cafeteria experience.

Quartermaster Store

Food distribution will be turning into the Quartermaster’s Store, part of Food Services.  We are excited to totally revamp how we provide food for SOAR!

Join us as we sort, package and display food in aisles full of what the girls and Guiders want to eat.

You will need to be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, lift boxes, and climb stairs. Shifts may start as early as 5:30 am, so we are prepared for the first onslaught of daily “shoppers”.

You will need to be flexible as this new project unfolds and new ideas are generated.

Other duties will include:

  • helping “shoppers”
  • helping organize assigned helpers that come on a daily basis
  • assisting special dietary needs as required
  • doing daily supply runs to the core staff café
  • helping with requests from Ranger out trips, Hospitality, International, etc.
  • helping to maintain a spotlessly clean and organized distribution area.

Preferred Qualification: Food Safe


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Energetic, enthusiastic core staff are invited to apply in a variety of program areas.

Please give a detailed description of what your interest is and what you could contribute to the program section you are applying for. Include any technical training and/or experience.

Active Recreation

Seeking positive, outgoing Guiders for active recreation sessions which may include archery, riflery/skeet shooting, mountain biking, bike touring, rock climbing, orienteering, geocaching, caving, obstacle course, golfing, self defense, experiential learning games and day hiking.

  • Guiders with specialized experience are needed to lead sessions.
  • Guiders are needed to facilitate sessions with an outside expert.
  • Guiders with experience in a variety of activities are needed to run an adventure challenge session.


Crafty Guiders can share their artistic talents with the girls doing a variety of projects. Come and share in the fun.

Fine Arts

Looking for Guiders who are able to work with large groups independently and have particular knowledge or skills in a specialty of the Fine Arts, such as photography, hydrotherapy, cartooning, antique restoration, calligraphy, culinary design, dance, music, and drama.


Seeking Guiders with enthusiasm for the environment to join our team! Share your interest and expertise as we present fun environmental activities while exploring the unique ecosystems of the Bulkley Valley. If you like teaching water and nature education with Project WET and Project WILD (experience an asset, but not required), promoting Leave No Trace principles, and highlighting the First Nations and agricultural history of the area, among many other ideas, please apply!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Seeking Guiders with a flair for the sciences (physics, biology, chemistry, anthropology, oceanography, technology, computers, engineering, math or any of the other “ology’s”). Sessions will have a variety of hands-on activities such as the physics of large gadgets, extracting DNA (from fruit), engineering crazy marble structures, alternative energy creations, website design, and much more. Join us to bring the fun of all things STEM to the girls at SOAR 2017!

Ranger Out Trips

Be responsible for a group (8-10) of Rangers on a 2 ½ day adventure. These overnight activities may include backpacking, cycling, kayaking/canoeing, whitewater rafting or other adventure activities. There will also be at least one activity, such as a theater trip, that does not require physical fitness.

Guiders may be required to help with developing the trip, planning the menu, arranging for pre-camp food preparation and acquiring equipment for the trip. Indicate your preferences and relevant experience on the application form.


Service is looking for Guiders who are physically fit and able to work independently with the ability to lead large groups through many service projects for the elderly, for youth and for the community. Knowledge of local service opportunities would be an asset.

Water Activities

Lifeguards and water-loving Guiders are needed to teach and supervise waterfront activities. These activities could include: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, dragon boating, voyageur canoeing, windsurfing, snorkeling, sculling, sailing, water polo and various beach activities. Financial assistance is available for lifeguard re-certification. Be sure to include your qualifications in waterfront or water activity experience on your application.


Are you highly skilled in Excel and Access software? Do you have great organizational skills and love to put them to use? If you have these skills plus the ability to problem solve and think on your feet, then Program Administration may interest you!


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Health Services provides health care and first aid for both adult and girl participants.

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and qualified First Aiders are required for shifts of 8 hours in length. Facilities are well equipped and members will work in teams.


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International is looking for Guiders who are enthusiastic about Global events and International Guiding, and who are excited to share in the Sisterhood of Guiding. Guiders must be willing to work as a part of a team to build energetic and exciting activities for all the girls to enjoy at the International tent during SOAR. The Committee is responsible for the coordination of the International/Inter-Provincial Night as well as being responsible for flag ceremonies. This involves communicating and coordinating this event with both the Special Events Director and guests. This small committee needs to work well together to ensure a great experience for all of the International and Inter-Provincial guests.


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Photographers will be responsible for taking photos of events during camp and the subsequent organizing of photos. Please be sure to include your qualifications and experience when applying!

Writer/Social Media

Working on SOAR 2017 PR team, this position will monitor social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter throughout SOAR. On a daily basis take the lead role in writing the camp newsletter, updating the SOAR website and preparing the final slideshow presentations. A well-suited person for this position is versed in social media techniques, has proficient knowledge in graphic, photo and word processing software. Additional qualifications to be considered will be exceptional and creative writing skills, an understanding of GGC Style Guide and an enthusiastic team player!


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Be prepared to work shifts up to 12 hours in length. Shifts may be rotated on a daily basis meaning you could work days, late evenings and overnights. Have a tolerance for irregular sleeping and eating times as a result of working these shifts. Ensure that you are up to the physical challenge of standing and walking for the duration of the shift and in all kinds of weather. Be comfortable being out at night while partnered with another. Prepare to be part of team and follow the direction of the Team Leader and Event and Emergency Management Director(s). Be able to accept the responsibility to do this job while balancing it with a friendly and helpful attitude.

Night Crew

New this SOAR! Looking for Guiders who only want to work overnight shifts. This is for you if you are comfortable being outside after dark, are assertive and confident. Safety gear and safety plan provided and the quietest daytime sleeping area possible.


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This team needs energetic, good-humoured Guiders who don’t mind hard work and getting their hands dirty! While riding golf carts, we manage to keep the camp clean by removing garbage, compost and recycling, and dealing with water supply and porta-potties – these are just a few of the camp necessities in our domain. Team work and shift work combine to help keep our camp clean and safe for girls, Guiders and the environment.

Requirement: Be in good physical shape as work involves heavy lifting.


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Special events staff (on stage) – Experience singing, dancing, speaking or performing on stage.  Experience with or willingness to try choreographing a simple dance would be an asset.  Willingness to be on stage in front of 2500 people to lead campfire, dancing or other activities.  Willingness to participate in other special events duties as assigned.

Special events staff (support) – Experience working with sound equipment/electronics or creating and putting up stage decorations.  Willingness to participate in other special events duties as assigned.


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Need ladies with some retail/cashiering experience to work in the on-site camp store.


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  • Be able to work efficiently with the rest of the Transportation Team.
  • Be alert and safety conscious around vehicles and a busy transportation hub.
  • Efficiently be able to muster SOAR participants to the correct line-up for their off-site activity and then escort them to designated bus.
  • Hold a valid BC Class 5 or equivalent Driver’s License in order to pick up or drop off Core Staff and/or SOAR participants from local airports and bus depots.
  • Answer questions from SOAR participants in a polite and informative manner.
  • Be a happy and friendly face for the girls and Guiders when they arrive back from their activity.

Camp T-Shirt and Hat Sizes

All Camp Shirts


Core Staff Polo Shirt Sizes



Hat Sizes

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How to measure
Place a string or measuring tape around your head about 1/8″ above your ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling your head. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly. Basically you need to measure your head exactly where the hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.
Hat Sizes
MD 22″
LG 23″
XL 24″

Application Questions

  1. Positions for which you are applying.
    1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices, plus related experience and skills.
    2. Are you willing to work in other areas?
    3. Please don’t ask me to…
  2. Personal information:
    1. iMIS number. (if International, enter 0).
    2. Mailing address (postal code must be in the correct format).
    3. Country of residence.
    4. Contact phone numbers.
    5. Valid email address.
    6. Birth date (if you are a Ranger or Link member).
    7. T-shirt sizes
    8. Core staff bus departure location.
  3. Guiding information:
    1. Your Guiding district and area.
    2. Position(s) you hold in Guiding.
    3. Previous SOARs attended.
  4. Experience information:
    1. What personal attributes make you a good candidate for these positions?
    2. What jobs have you done at previous SOARs?
    3. Describe how you think you will function, living in a tent in a crowded camp situation with limited facilities?
    4. Describe the largest camp/event you have been to, not including SOAR?
    5. What do you think you will find the most challenging at SOAR?
    6. How many nights have you camped in a tent in the past 3 years?
    7. What is the longest number of consecutive nights in a tent in the past 3 years?
    8. What is the most difficult situation that you have experienced at camp? How was it resolved?
    9. What was your most positive camp experience?
  5. Skills and Training information:
    1. OAL training level completed.
    2. Water activities qualification – qualification type, certificate expiry, experience.
    3. First Aid qualification – type and expiry date.
    4. Registered Nurse – areas of work and expiry date.
    5. Driver’s Licence – class, type of experience and expiry date.
    6. Belaying qualification / experience.
    7. Food Safe – level & experience.
    8. Adventure Activities – qualification and experience.
    9. Languages.
  6. Affirmation:
    1. After you have thoroughly read the job description, do you have any concerns about your physical ability to perform the required tasks?
    2. List any concerns about your physical ability to perform required tasks.
    3. Do you understand and agree with the requirement for all staff to assist with additional assignments as needed?
    4. SOAR 2017 includes setup and take down time which staff are expected to be available for. I agree that I will be on site from Wednesday July 19, 2017 to Sunday July 30, 2017.
    5. Affirmation that all the information given in the application is true and complete.
  7. Reference information (for two references). Note: One of your references can be from within Guiding, the other must be a non-Guiding reference; neither reference can be related to you. Your references MUST have email addresses that they check regularly.
    1. Reference names
    2. Reference phone numbers
    3. Reference emails
    4. The capacity that the references know you and how long have they known you.