History & Facts & Crest Galleries

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soar95crest 1995: Prince George was the first site, affectionately nicknamed – SOAK
 soar98crest  1998: Sooke became site two and earned the name – SEAR
soar2001crest  2001: Trail was site three and garnered the pet name – SILT
 soar2004crest  2004: Merritt landed site four and was fondly remembered as – SAIL
 soar2007crest  2007: Parksville was home to site five, where trading fun sparked the name – SWAP
soar2011crest 2011: Agassiz hosted the sixth SOAR. Though the weather was hot, there was still an abundance of mosquitoes, earning this SOAR the nickname name – SWAT
SOAR14crest 2014: Enderby welcomed the seventh SOAR with open arms. Nicknamed – SPOT, for having had a “spot” of sun, a “spot” of rain, a “spot” of thunder… and for parents “spotting” their girls on photos posted to social media.
2017: Smithers. – SORT, as the participants sorted and recycled many items!