About the Waivers…

Important Update About Waivers

We now understand we need to wait for the ePACT development team to do some extra programming to accommodate the complexity of printing waivers for groups of girls doing particular activities. As it stands right now, we would need to print every waiver for every girl – that isn’t eliminating unnecessary paper, not to mention how much time that would take. Apparently SOAR has the most complex program they have encountered!

We added every activity that requires a waiver into the health, dietary and emergency information that parents are completing right now in ePACT. Parents are either saying yes or no to each activity, and we will use that information when assigning Program choices in March.

EPACT says they will need a couple of months to rewrite their program.

In summary: the waivers are NOT yet available, but we will send out a system-wide email when they are available.

To read more about waivers, please see our original “Where are the Waivers?” post.